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Panasonic Toughbook vs. a pad (any brand)


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My service uses Panasonic Toughbooks, all of which are getting older.  We intend to replace them in the next budget year.  I'm looking for input, pros/cons of staying with the Toughbook or going to another device. 

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My old service upgraded to HP. They were bigger and supposed to be tougher. Yeah. We broke one. 

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Back in 2004 the service I was with started with Panasonic Tough Books, but we only used it as our CAD Link and mapping device. When I came on to the service I'm at now, we started using them for E PCR and mapping. We switched from those to the Panasonic Toughbook CF18, which was just a tablet, that you could attach a key board to via a docking station. They weren't user friendly or all that tough given it's. We switched to the CF 33 Toughbook that has a detachable keyboard and we use it for all our documentation, CAD Link and mapping. They are user friendly and fairly tough. We had all our trucks set up with their own wi fi routers, and they work fairly well, even though we still have areas in our county with poor wi fi signals.

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