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  1. paraloco

    JAS, Durham NC

    I need to know who to contact about buying Johnston's used equipment. Their 1-800 number is down. I saw several of their ambulances being towed through S.E. Texas this morning. Might have a use for some stuff if it hasnt all been disposed of already.
  2. paraloco

    hearing loss

    My hearing has sucked for years, but now its worse. I took my daughter to a shooting range 28 days ago. I forgot my nice headphone-style protectors at home, so I bought some earplugs at walmart when I got ammo. we were shooting 9mm. the earplugs handled it well. when the rangemaster called ceasefire we would take out the earplugs and go check our marksmanship. after about the 3rd time, they weren't as snug. a guy arrived with a 50 caliber desert eagle 2 lanes down from us. the range was outdoor, but had overhead and back cover. when he would fire, it felt like needles were poking my eardrums. I already have tinnitus 24/7, but I this was tinnitus on crack. It eased up a little over a few days. then about a week ago my ears, particularly the left, have begun hurting. smile and nod only works some of the time, especially at work. I really don't want a disabled label.
  3. The kids I work with have never seen an APCOR radio.
  4. paraloco

    Houston is trying something new.

    dunno, but I am curious to know what the findings will be. Maybe I'm jaded or burnt out, but most of those nonsense calls are milk runs. Drop them off in triage and knock out the report in nothing flat. Still do a complete assessment. I've found several undiagnosed diabetics that way.
  5. paraloco

    Remote Industrial Medics

    I'll check back on this from time to time. A friend of mine does this kind of work on remote land drilling sites in Louisiana. 2 weeks on/ 2 off. The pay isn't what I would need it to be. I'm looking for a retirement gig, will need it in about a year and a half. I have friends at offshore companies who are making really good pay, working one month on, one month off. The best food. All travel paid, profit sharing. BUt I'd rather stay on solid ground.
  6. paraloco

    Paramedic accused of rape in CT

    I believe thats a Class IIIC intervention. No, my bad. That's a Class IVC Definitely Harmful, Extremely stupid and poorly thought out, likely to cause decertification, incarceration, derision and "sucks to be you" comments from collegues.
  7. paraloco

    Robert (Rob) Davis

    Your tour of duty is over. I regret not knowing you as many of the others do. Although an infrequent visitor, I saw the respect you garnered from the community, and I can only aspire to be as well thought of and remembered when my time comes. Thank you for your service Mr. Davis, and rest in peace. J. Kimbrow City of Beaumont EMS.
  8. paraloco


    Unless there is nobody home, fled the scene on foot(happens all the time at wrecks), or canceled by dispatch, I have to get a refusal. Had a call recently where a resident was vacuuming and inadvertently hit her lifecall button. I had to get a refusal. Had another one where the resident looked like death warmed over. She had advanced cancer and had just come home from chemo. She said she didn't call us, and had no idea who did. She refused all services and I got a refusal signed. We cleared, got another call, and about 5 minutes later another truck went to the house 2 doors down from her. The caller had given the wrong address to dispatch. Documentation saved my butt because their patient was in really bad shape, and they thought we left them there.
  9. paraloco

    California "crash taxes"

    I want to throw my 2 cents in on a related topic, but don't want my employer to trace it back to me. If I register a new user name with an e-mail that can't be traced back to me, I'm safe, right?
  10. Ok, this if on a different angle. An individual commits a heinous crime in your community. An intense manhunt ensues. One of your co-workers posts a picture of the person on the dashboard of the ambulance, above the glove compartment. I'd say the chances of seeing this person are slim, but what if you pick up a patient, and their family riding up front sees that and knows him/her/it. "they got a picture of that baby-boy in the ammalance!" I'm for law and order like most folks, but this strikes me as asking for trouble. I took it down and put it out of sight.
  11. paraloco

    Oregon Paramedic Jobs

    They have those rules to keep outsiders out, from walking in and taking their jobs. Washington is the same way I think. So is Louisiana, at least they were. I live in Texas, just across the state line from Cameron Parish. I wanted an La. cert when I was doing part-time for Acadian, as that would open a lot of options if there were few slots open closer to home. You had to have an employer in La. to get their cert, which they require in addition to National. Texas is almost the same, you have to get your National to get the state cert, but not to keep it. (why get a cert and then let it lapse?) I went to visit my brother a few years ago. There were NO hotels or motels in the small town where he lived at that time. It was a pretty clear message...get on down the road. He lives in Oregon now. Just out of curiosity, I looked into what was involved in getting their certification. Looked at Washington too because my wife has a lot of family there, not too far from Pendleton, Oregon. It would have been jumping through a whole buncha hoops to live in a place that taxes the crap out of everything. My father-in-law just got back from a trip to Connell, Wa, to see my wife's sister and her family. He said the food prices were outrageous, especially since most of it was grown nearby.
  12. paraloco

    Fla. mom awarded $10M in ambulance birth lawsuit

    See kids, you really need to listen to the voice in your head that says don't transfer an unstable patient. You may get a lot of grief/retaliation from your supervisor. Might even get fired when the ER director calls your company's owner. There are other EMS jobs down the road. The crew could have insisted a neonate nurse and a respiratory therapist accompany them. Maybe they were a young crew, just glad to be there. It's not worth it.
  13. paraloco

    Self Defense

    Great idea! Last night we were discussing strategies to pay for her to go to Sam Houston. I brought up going into the military. Didn't even think of Nat. Guard. Thanks Dust.
  14. paraloco

    Self Defense

    I recently began taking a class with my daughter. She'll be going off to college soon, and I wanted her to have a little self-defense know-how. The instructor told us that we'd have to do about a thousand reps to get the moves into muscle memory, and then do them frequently after that. The stuff we are learning is awesome, perfect for a soft & slow dad. It's not meant for extended altercations, but to end it in about 30 seconds or less. Its a mix of martial arts moves that the instructor came up with. I really want to buy my daughter a gun, but I think 21 is the age for CHL in Texas. Might have to settle for a taser, definitely a knife. She's learning situational awareness, de-escalation, and common sense measures to take to avoid dangerous situations. I've been able to tell her about patients I've taken care of who would have avoided injury with more awareness of their surroundings.
  15. paraloco

    Howdy, from Texas.

    Hi Toni, the more Texans the better.