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  1. Howdy, from Texas.

    Hi Toni, the more Texans the better.
  2. Request for assistance

    BioShield 2 Chemical Agent Wash Bioshield a Division of Forensic Products, Inc. Raleigh, NC 27624 (800) 572-4603
  3. Request for assistance

    We have a product called bioshield which dissolves the pepper oil. You spray it on the affected area, including the eyeballs, and blot it off with a towel. When I go back to work on Sat., I'll look at a bottle and see if there is contact info for the company. We've been using it for years with good results. The police mostly use the taser now, and we have to respond to remove the barbs.
  4. Heck, it seems like our dispatchers try to solicit a cp or sob complaint from everyone. I wish I had 5 dollars for every time I was dispatched to chest pain to find it was (insert type ) pain for a week.
  5. Three Albums or CDs that defined your life................

    sorry, more than 3
  6. Three Albums or CDs that defined your life................

    Tubular Bells, Supertramp Breakfast in America, Fleetwood Mac Rumors, Heavy Metal Soundtrack, Foreigner 4 and Double Vision
  7. You just relieved "D" Shift .....................

    there was a partial shake-up. but before that, I'd walk in the station and the crew was still in bed. crap all over the place, reports not finished (so they need the toughbook for a while longer) trash not to the street. empty d cylinders in the side compartment, dead LP batteries on the bench seat. dirty dishes piled in the sink. They said they never heard wake-up tones. Its not my style to play the write up game( if they had left me an empty main O2 after sleeping all night it'd be on) so I'd help them along so they could get home (or to another station closer to on-time). I always try to relieve at least 15 minutes early. unlike my relief who comes in at 6:59:59.
  8. Finish This Scenario...

    This has happened to us.
  9. Your Song of the Day

    Winds of Change Jefferson Starship
  10. conversion with verapamil?

    trying to control the rate. had no clue I would 'fix' him. Before I pushed it, he had chest pain 8/10, was hypertensive. all that resolved. It was instantaneous, too.
  11. conversion with verapamil?

    I converted a guy in atrial flutter with cardizem, per my protocol. The cardiologist who took over from the er doc had a big problem with it, but it converted him to a normal sinus rhythm, and he felt much better.
  12. Nasal intubation and no ventilatory assistance????

    I've seen this twice, both back in the 80's. One was a guy with a cerebral bleed. The doc inserted the et tube nasally, secured it, then just left it like that. the guy was breathing deeply and rapidly. The other was a head injury from an mva. Out in the sticks with no good lz. his teeth were clenched. We had no paralytics back then, just a jaw screw that I almost lost down his throat when he opened his mouth, then closed it again. I had to do something, so I nasally intubated him and put a nrb mask on over it. The little community hospital left it just like that, even when a flight crew came to get him. I heard the doc talking to the receiving hospital over the phone. He told them he did it, then turned to me and informed me that he just saved my @ss.

    I've been dispatched to: decreased level of conscientiousness, decongestive heart failure, unusual low pulse, smoke coming from the vagina. I'm sure there's more. I was in the ER when a volunteer unit from an outlying area called in a report which started out: The patient was minding his own business when.... We busted out laughing, one of the nurses said "Positive for minding own business. check" Its funny to watch the ER staff listening to those really long reports, you know, the kind where the medic is reporting what color underwear the patient wore on groundhog's day 3 years ago, ate raisin bran yesterday morning, etc.