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Greetings from CT (Interested in becoming a paramedic)

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I am 27 year's old going to be 28 in August. I graduated college with a degree in Justice and Law Administration in 2011. I volunteered for three year's, 2010-2013, as an emergency medical responder with a local ambulance corp. After a while of not being able to land any police job's decided to focus on becoming a nurse. That led me into several different areas in the hospital setting and into my current field of work. I have been working as a tech and mental health counselor for the past four years at different hospitals in my area. Money is decent, but very little room to advance without going back to college. Not interested in psychology and I just don't feel nursing is right for me, maybe later on down the road.

Been doing a bit of research on what options I have in terms of a career. I was considering going back to college for my masters in Emergency Management. However, if I did go that route I prefer to be involved with a civil service department. I am planning to go back for my EMT-B certificate in the fall. Then going to volunteer with a local fire department, but sadly don't have any volunteer services in my city. I am probably going to be an auxiliary member at the nearest firehouse. Work on my Firefighter I certificate hopefully over the Spring and maybe my Firefighter II as well. If possible knock out maybe Haz-Mat as well.

From there I am looking into going for my paramedic license and start hopefully a program in the fall of 2016. The hospital I work at has a paramedic program and not sure if they pay for the entire program. I will have to look into it more. I know if I work full time they pay up to $5,000 a year for tuition. The program is sixteen month's long, so basically the program would be paid off by my employer.

I am interested in becoming a firefighter. However, I researched some firefighter positions that do require advanced care certificates. A few of the paid department's in my state and surrounding states require some firefighter's to be dueled certified. Example either AEMT or paramedic. Also outside of the department's being a paramedic does open door's to other job's in my area. Have a few private ambulance companies such as AMR, Campion, Hunter, AETNA, Danbury Ambulance, Nelson Ambulance, and maybe a few other's. Additionally, also have at least three of four hospital based EMS unit's. Additionally, I noticed and seen some paramedic's work not only in the ER, but advanced care unit's such as Intensive Cardiac Care Unit's. In addition, very competitive but could lead into flight nursing. Also there are also some area colleges that offer advanced placement for paramedic's into nursing programs, if something want to go for down the road. Finally, my fiancé is finishing up nursing school and having the paramedic license would make it a smoother transition, most of the time, from state to state.

I appreciate again any feedback, insight, or responses have an awesome one!!! Will keep you updated as I go along in through the process.

Also anyone have any information on paramedic school's in Connecticut?

I know New Britain Medical Academy has a program a lot of people recommend, curious if financial aid would cover the program.

There is also Yale New Haven Sponsor Hospital

Bridgeport Hospital

Norwalk and Capital Community College program's

University of New Haven and Goodwin College

I think that is it in terms of programs offered in the state.

Again appreciate any feedback and will continue to search the forum for answers.

Have a good one!

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Welcome to the City:

I grew up in EMS working the wild streets of Hartford back in the 1970's. Back then it was a dangerous place to work and I understand it has only gotten worse since.

A slow Friday night would mean only a few shootings or stabbings . The heroin wars in north Hartford were at full tilt back then.

With your degree law enforcement would seem to have been your goal in the future.

How many places have you applied to?

As far as firefighting and Paramedicine in CT: For every opening on a career department , there are hundreds if not thousands of applicants in the pool of candidates.

A paramedicine degree will help immensely as departments will want to send new hires to their own fire academy after hire, even with prior experience, but don't like to send an employee to get a medic degree. Cost too much.

Research pay & benefits of the various major departments and don't be afraid to look at smaller towns that run career Depts.

I worked with several of the Privates back then, & into the mid 1980's. some are good , others not so much to work for.

Whichever program you look into , make sure it is CAAS certified. Hospital based schools are usually better in getting good clinicals in house.

Avoid the quickie medic mills from the TV colleges that promise you can get a degree in only 9 months.

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