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  1. I appreciate the advice. It's less about what can be done think anything can be done, granted not financially stable at the moment. Always found EMS to bev rewarding see it as a career to open door's
  2. Physician Assistant interest me. The only issue is I am 28 getting married in 20 month's wabt to establish myself with a career. With PA school it is I think it has more competition than a nursing program. In addition, tuition is high and have to stop working for two year's while in school. As with nursing most employer's in the area really only hire BSNS state tuition for a program is high in the $40K. There is the accelerated program's, but again not working is not a viable option now like the PA program. There are ADN program's, but highly competitive with up to a 3 to 4 year waiting list
  3. Hi, going for my EMT-B cert in the fall and planning to continue on to paramedic studies. UNH caught my eye of an article posted from a few years back I found. It made the program sound interesting as it would be a combo of fire science and paramedic studies, but just seems an extension of New Haven Sponsor program leading to a degree as an associate or bachelor. I really like UNH for their Master Fire Science program's they offer, but figure be less expensive to go to Yale Sponsor Hospital Program. Does anyone know if Yale Sponsor Hospital program does rotations in various hospital ar
  4. Hi, I am 27 year's old going to be 28 in August. I graduated college with a degree in Justice and Law Administration in 2011. I volunteered for three year's, 2010-2013, as an emergency medical responder with a local ambulance corp. After a while of not being able to land any police job's decided to focus on becoming a nurse. That led me into several different areas in the hospital setting and into my current field of work. I have been working as a tech and mental health counselor for the past four years at different hospitals in my area. Money is decent, but very little room to advance witho
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