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For the New England people... (AMR/Cataldo)

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you'd have to understand the politics behind the joke. The evil empire bailed out of several non profit making contracts recently and Cataldo has stepped in as the new knight in shining armor.

I know about the issue AMR had back there. Something about a health insurance company changing their reimbursement policies or something so AMR wasn't getting paid.

What I don't understand is how a company who serves 12 communities in the Boston area (according to their website) can even claim to be a savior to a company that serves over 2,100 communities across the country.

Must be a New England thing. Kind of like British humor - dry to the rest of the world but funny to the locals.

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it was the attitude of the empire to the towns & cities they had contracts with. Basically FU we're leaving.

It wasn't that they couldn't get paid. The checks were going from insurance companies to the customer instead of directly to the empire. That meant they had to collect their bills from the customer .

It's not just in Mass they have bailed out of contracts.

Unlike the left coast: We expect a company under contract to fulfill it's legal contract.

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