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Looking for Medic Preceptor in Northern CA

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I am looking for a Paramedic Preceptor, preferably in the Northern CA area. Can be with an ambulance or fire dept. I graduated from NCTI last May and completed my Clinicals at St. Josephs Hospital in Stockton this last august. I have still not been placed by my program due to the overwhelming amount of students compared to the amount of preceptors available through the school. I live in Modesto and currently work full time as a Fire Engineer. I have ALS and BLS ambulance experience of about 1.5 years.

I am really eager to get going on this so if you are a preceptor or know of one, id appreciate the information being passed on.

I am willing to commute pretty far at this point, probably up to 2 hrs one way. I am also willing to work with a preceptor on overtime shifts etc. to get my hours and experience in.

Thanks in advance,


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I'll wager that NCTI has already cashed your tuition checks.

Seems to me that part of their contract is the timely finish of your requirements to get to the NR boards.

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I am past my 90 placement per my contract, but all I have been told to do is call my placement coordinator on a daily basis which I have found to just be a waste of time. I dont think one person is to blame for the plcement delay.

And yes, all of my checks for tuition cleared as of 02/2012.... :bonk:

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