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Please keep an eye on your kids!

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And practice with your ems/fire departments on water rescue.

A healthy 18 year old boy died last night in Chicago right down the street from my house in a 10-12 foot deep retention pond. I played as a child near that pond. Its about 50 feet across and 2-300 feet long.

He was just out having fun playing volleyball when the ball traveled over some bushes and down a hill into the pond. He went in to get it with a friend. Something horrible happened and one boy drowned. He was an athlete and in good shape.

Our Assistant Fire Chief was visiting friends down the block and arrived at the scene minutes after the 911 call was placed. The boy was gone. Some family lost their precious son.

Please review the dangers of waters, lagoons, ponds and river with all your kids. No matter what their age.

Also go to areas that hold or have water in your response area and practice your rescue tactics.

Please keep this family and the rescuers in your thoughts and prayers. This didn't have to happen.


Stay safe and take care.


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ANY loss of life is one too many.

Don't limit watching out just to children. Per your report, the "boy" was 18, which is legal age for contract signing, amongst other things.

Adults can drown, due to believed familiarity with the water. You're talking about a pond, I am including oceanfront water, due to constantly changing currents, and the more than occasional "rip" current.

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