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  1. God created firefighters so Cops could have heroes. My X wife was a Cop. Ha Ha
  2. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/c...0,4762621.story http://www.myfoxchicago.com/myfox/pages/Ho...mp;pageId=1.1.1 http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-...,0,148534.story Please take care and always be aware of your surroundngs. Remember SCENE SAFE. And NEVER go anywhere alone! http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/c...0,4759068.story
  3. And practice with your ems/fire departments on water rescue. A healthy 18 year old boy died last night in Chicago right down the street from my house in a 10-12 foot deep retention pond. I played as a child near that pond. Its about 50 feet across and 2-300 feet long. He was just out having fun playing volleyball when the ball traveled over some bushes and down a hill into the pond. He went in to get it with a friend. Something horrible happened and one boy drowned. He was an athlete and in good shape. Our Assistant Fire Chief was visiting friends down the block and arrived at
  4. If you are a paramedic and have firefighter II, you would obviously be qualified and desireable. In the Chicagoland suburbs, you must have both to even be considered. Single role medics and single role firefighters are a thing of the past around here. If you want to be even more desireable, join a paid on call or volunteer department. You will get more training and experience. Any class you take like Hazmat Ops or Tech A is always good as well as TRA (technical rescue awareness), NIMS classes, Confined Space and Trench or Vertical Rescue. There are two lists and tests here in Chicag
  5. Unbelievable. But typical. The general public has no idea what we do. When they go to bed and rest their empty head on their little liberal politically correct pillow, they don't realize that's when we get busy. They forget all about us until little Johnnie falls off his bike and skins this wussy little knee. God I hate people. Also a word to the wise. Keep your overhead doors shut at all times. There was some idiot here in Chicago a couple of years back sitting across from firehouses, filming us walking around and not doing anything. Its all about PR now. When you go on a run e
  6. Hey Ruff, I commend all envolved all the time. I do not differentiate medics from firefighters. I dont do this because this is the system I work in. I wouldnt do this even if we were seperate. Its all about perception. The general public sees all of us as their local hometown heroes who rush in and help them in their time of need. They dont see firefighters and medics as being different. Its like saying the Army and the Marines are different. To those who are in those forces, there are great differences. But to the public, they are our protectors and we are grateful for the
  7. Bla Bla Bla Wine Wine Wine Sob Sob Sob Quit your beotching and grow up. Who cares who gets the credit. If thats what you are worried about you might be in the wrong business. I have never seen an ambo with one person on it. Its team work people. I still think he/she did a good job, whatever the scenario. Whatever he did or didn't do, the outcome was a good one. Nice to hear good ones now and then. Like I said earlier, the negativity is amazing. Poor single role medics not getting any of the spotlight. I feel so bad! How many people have I saved that did not make
  8. Cindy, I went through the Chicago Fire Department's Acedemy. They are rather hard as they are compressed into such a short time. We were also subjected to daily "beatings" described at physical training. We immediately broke into study groups depending on where we lived. We stayed after class for about two hours and reviewed the days classes. It woked well for us. But as anything, it is as hard as you let it. You will need to turn off any distractions if this is what you want to do. You will need to study and have a great understanding for the information provided as you are
  9. My God you are a pathetic bunch of insecure and miserable people. I really wonder what you people are thinking. I have never seen such childish behavior from a bunch of people who run around and pound on their chests and spew that they are professionals. How about GOOD JOB!
  10. I had a call for a 1 month old who fell out of a bed (?). She fell approximately 2.5 feet. Not 1.5 times height but I still treated as a trauma as piece of ______ mother did not witness fall. We have nothing to immobilize someone this small. How would you have immobilized PT. I put rolled towels around torso and head and strapped to the backboard. This did not work and really pissed this kid off. Man babies are strong! Any ideas or things that worked for you? Are there products I could show to my EMS officer? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  11. So I worked yesterday on the ALS Engine in our house. We got a call at 12:00 noon for a suicide. We get to one of The University of Chicago's dorms (one of the most prestigeous medical schools in the world) and found a 22 y/o male patient who had supposedly taken a whole bottle of anti anxiety pills he had a prescription for and chugged a $200.00 bottle of red wine that i could not pronounce. This idios dorm and its electronics and furnishing were nicer than my house. His twerpy room mate said he just took the pills and locked himself in his room. He was not being very cooperative and w
  12. Way to go buddy. I hope to follow in your footsteps shortly. Any suggestions? Gaelic
  13. As a BLS provider in a large urban area with transport times under 10 min, we have a numer of protocols and smo's we must consider when upgrading to and ALS response. What are the reasons you have to upgrade (your protocols) and what personal reasons would you consider upgrading. I have uploaded our: EMS Policies and Procedures First Responder SMO's BLS SMO's ALS SMO's Dispatch Protocols Look under Resouces. Then downloads. Then Policies - Enjoy!
  14. As a person who goes to many MVA's my first thought on your scenario is the airbag that did not deploy. Scene Safe? No its not. If the PT was not in the way of the airbag if it suddenly deployed I would leave him right there until rescue showed up. If there was any way to help without endangering yourself, I would render as much care as possible. If the airbag deployment would injure you, I would stay away unless removing the PT was an option.
  15. On the bls ambo I carry the following on me: I always wear some type of long sleeve jacket. We have a dept. issued winter jacket and I use a plain blue water repellant jacket in the summer that I purchased myself. It's not ems ppe but I mentally think it keeps stuff off me. And I wash this jacket in color safe bleach with the rest of my uniform after each use. Pen Pocket Spiral Notebook Pocket Flashlight Pocket Drug Book Trauma Scissors Radio Extra set of gloves Phone I have never really had use for anything else. I carry a stair chair, oxygen tank and qrb (quick response
  16. Listen folks. We all joined this site for various reasons. I think mostly due to the fact that we are all professionals and we thought this might be a good way to increase or maintain this level of professionalism. This is good. We are all in the same boat. We all basically do the same job one way or another. We serve and protect the people that live in our city, country or state. We should help eachother resolve the problems we are having. I consider people on this site I have never met a type of friend. Friends help eachother. If you are having a problem with your local fs&am
  17. Because it it a stupid post on one bad employee. How many good and heart-warming stories have their been on firefighters, police, emt's and medics saving lives. Wouldn't that be more appropriate and productive? I often wonder about the people who live to post negative statements about others. Why must on do this. Is it something wrong with them and what does this say about their character. Once again, a couple of people on here seem to be very unhappy with themselves and their circumstances. But it also seems that they will do nothing to change or improve things and would rather s
  18. Im not going to dignify this with a response more than this.
  19. We have paramedics on ALS engines and trucks as well and no ff's on ALS ambulances. We have emt's on BLS ambulances. If people stay with your integration thought, they will be left out in the cold with skills no one wants. There must be a reason evey major city is looking for cross-trained personnel. I can olnly comment on what I see at work and not what is commented on in here. I believe the EMS and FS&R is slowly merging into one body that can get along and can act as one. Old school firefighters do not like medical runs. We all know this. Not all, as that would be categorizi
  20. We have three different types of ems service here in Chicago. One is the BLS rig staffed with two dual-role ff/emt-b's. The second is an ALS rig staffed with 2 single-role medics. The third is an ALS truck/engine staffed with a dual-role ff/medic and a dual-role ff/emt-b. A dual-role medic or cross-trained medic can start as a medic and after a prescribed amount of time can cross over into FS&R. Firefighters, Lt's, Captains, Engineers and Battalion Chiefs who have their emt-b get paid more than their counterpart who does not. Same if they have their medic license. The o
  21. What the christ are you talking about AK? I was asking what your thoughts are. If you dont like the question, dont answer. I am not going to post on this forum portion of this site again. I asked an honest question and all I got was a bunch of people crying about their circumstances. If you dont like your job - QUIT! I thought this was a forum to ask an honest question and get honest answers. Instead, I was basically told that medics do all the work and us firemen just sit in our expensive firehouses next to our expensive trucks and sit around all day. Unless you are on my shift, in m
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