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  1. Recently, at my former employer (private EMS), we had an EMT who had some sort of mental episode. We came back from a trip and there were 3 officers in the management office and eventually PD took him to the hospital for a psych eval, and he was discharged the same day. The company owner even stoodby with him at the hospital and brought him back to station so he can clock out and go home, acting like she was concerned. A few days later, he was terminated. Management was quick to say it was not because of a mental health issue. So, they found some trivial issue to terminate him so they wouldnt
  2. Around here, the 9-1-1 services do not have pillows on-board. The hospitals all seem to be in short supply. We ask the patient at their house or facility if they would like to grab on of their pillows for comfort. Otherwise, its a short trip to the hospital. The private services seem to have them that they grab from the nursing homes usually.
  3. Dont beat me up too bad here but I feel I am having a conflict of conscious. I have been in EMS (both fire and private) for nearly 3 years now. Time and time again, I see, on the private side, patients who are getting an ambulance ride when they really do not qualify. Attached are the forms in use in Ohio. One is for wheelchair/ambulette's, the other for ambulance/stretcher transport. At the bottom, it clearly says, "False certification constitutes Medicaid fraud." The social workers at the hospital like to use "qualifiers" to make it acceptable. With as busy as we are, I feel we shouldnt take
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