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  1. A major concern is this person attempting to harm herself again while on shift. Others say she is covered under the ADA Act which would prohibit her from being terminated. First attempt was at her home, second attempt was on shift but she told her partner and he immediately told supervision who took her to hospital right away, third attempt she made a post on Facebook about ending her life, called a few friends/co-workers to tell them she couldn't go on any longer. Once she was found our ambulance service is one who picked her up on side of road, in uniform, intoxicated with an empty pil
  2. A co-worker of mine who is a paramedic has attempted suicide 3 times in last 2 months. She was involuntary committed to a behavioral health center for a 3rd time recently. Not certain what management is going to do when she returns to work but should she be removed from the truck until she is deemed mentally fit/stable by a psychiatrist? She has not complied with staying on medications and often mixes with alcohol when off duty. She doesnt keep appointments with psychiatrist. How does EMS typically handle these situations? Everyone has reached out to try and help her as we genuinely care
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