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  1. I was screwed in my situation BC only knew one school, then found out there is a city website with programs listed. The certifying body in Florida should have a website with course list and ph number. You Can call the dept to find out too. Also Google it.
  2. Not clear what happened but just use as a growing learning experience and go elsewhere, took me several tried and now emt. My issue is where to work now and if quit current job. Start pay is low.
  3. for assessments, you need good sheets that break it down. get someone to test you, i didn't think i could do it and a few months ago i was lost, but i past the tests. my schools site has sheets as does ny state, you need to be able to cover the basis, mainly the critical areas they test on, and then the extras. so are you still in or is that the exam that kicks you out, the first time i failed midterm, second the final, and now finally passed finals and passed the state. do it again and don't cram in 5 weeks, and maybe go elsewhere.
  4. is this paramedic or emt? i finally graduated emt b and super happy because it was my 3rd shot at the course. Each time I learned how to study, the first school was not nice and many failed. The resent school used the brady pearson book, with brady lab. try to get this book and brady lab, it will prepare you more than jb-i didn't like jb, too wordy and the online compenent was meh. do quizlet's and get the emt crash course book on amazon and do the onine test. also get the app emt tutor-its free in amazon underground and do mainly practice questions. read as much text book as you can an
  5. ditto, i'm new and new emt b grad in nyc, looking for tips to best start in my career to ease my way into decent pay with growth and benefits and experience-and safe. thanks. jonathan k brooklyn
  6. hi all, just graduated, and awaiting my ny state card. very excited! so just looking for tips on good places to start my career, i am a total newbie but want a good start with best company to grow with benefits. thanks.
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