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  1. Midterm tomorrow and I still feel unprepared

    You don't happen to have any recommendations of a good emt class in central Florida? Lol. Im so discouraged. I am a week and a half away from the end. Maybe im safer being a 911 dispatcher. You can't get injured doing that. (Although, id probably find a way.)
  2. Midterm tomorrow and I still feel unprepared

    Just an update. I ended up taring my acl during a cardio "punishment" yesterday. Now I am laid up and unable to Finnish out the last 2 weeks of school. Beyond pissed and feeling defeated! Next time, im choosing a different program for sure.
  3. Midterm tomorrow and I still feel unprepared

    im still in. The midterm counts as 30% of your final average. The Final on the other hand, is pass or fail.
  4. Midterm tomorrow and I still feel unprepared

    They made us all go outside and do catipillar pushups today because 1 girl kept talking even after being asked to stop 3 times. I failed the written exam with a 73, but passed the skills with a 100. The instructors say that their school is THEE BEST in all of central Florida. (Look it up, its called First Response Training Group LLC) They are good people with experience, but seriously, the time being spend on push ups is waisted learning time. Especially when we really don't have much time to begin with. I really am pationate about this field but now am really doubting it. IF we pass the course, we take the NREMT exam.
  5. Midterm tomorrow and I still feel unprepared

    Hey there, Thank you very much for the feedback and encouragement! I recently quit my job of 10 years being a graphic designer. I've always wanted to be part of an EMS team. Fortunately, I found an opportunity to pursue it, so I dove right in. HEAD FIRST! I chose the 5 week course only because it was really the only free time I would have to dedicate myself to it. My daughter spends the summer with her father, so currently this class is my 9-5 job, and with TONS of overtime being put in studying when I get home. But you are very correct. There really isnt enough time to let the information from one chapter soak in before your on to the next. We cover about 4-5 chapters a day and usually take a modual exam 2-3 times a week. Its an information overload. We have barely been alotted enough time to practice hands on skills. Between covering the text book and doing push ups (which me all are made to do if 1 person in our class messes up or doesnt have their uniform properly pressed/tucked in.) Clinicals are also starting. 90 hr abulance and 65 hr ER. (Good thing is, we are put in a major trauma center in Orlando, FL) I really love this field so far. And am certainly trying my best. But the overload of information is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. If I do end up failing I think I am for sure going to take the 3 1/2 month course. At least I will already have some knowledge (and a HUGE hole in my wallet.) LINDSAY
  6. So, I decided to take the intense 5 week course (Monday-Friday 9-5.. FML) and my midterm is tomorrow. Ive been cramming through JB learning, YouTube videos and Quizzlet. Also, Going through all of the previous exams and taking notes. My current GPA is 83 (Idk if its the same for everyone but we must maintain an 80% or above to pass. The midterm counts for 30% of our final grade) so I don't have much room for error. Im super nervous about the Scene size up/Patient Assesment skills part. Does anyone have and tips/tricks/suggestions/good study guides to help?????