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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone, I've definitely read plenty of stories of people trying to carry the entire kit in their pants. I just happen to be one of those people with a pretty large phone, and the pockets on these pants are small enough that the phone would take up the whole thing... I was definitely trying to avoid looking like the stereotypical new EMT who is WAY over-prepared, but even the basics like a couple pairs of and a pair of shears would be pretty awkward to carry around in these pants. I think my biggest annoyance is more that I won't have an extra pocket to toss something into if I needed to. Also general surprise that these are basically dress pants, I think they could only be less durable if they were those thin nylon windbreaker pants people wear running... I'm sure it'll all make more sense when I see how the other employees work things!
  2. Massachusetts has declared heroine a state of emergency, and that's just one of the many narcotics out there... EMS here carries Narcan now, we were even trained in administering it in my basic class. School teachers, camp counselors, etc are trained on it now too. I have heard many stories of someone coming up swinging once the medicine hits them, so while it isn't technically allowed, I've heard that many EMS providers will tie the patient's arms to the stretcher with cravats for a few minutes until they calm down.
  3. Hey everyone, brand new to the site, brand new to the field. I did a search, so I do sincerely hope that this isn't a clone of another thread somewhere... So I just finished basic school. We were required to be in uniform every day which included "EMT pants" that had about 46 pockets in them. Little snap strips to hold shears in the pocket, cargo pockets, etc. My instructor told us all to keep all of our things in the pockets so that we could get used to them (i.e. shears, stethoscope, pocket knife, pen, pen light, etc) and I loved the pants. Long story short, I go and get myself a job, and they hand me uniform pants with nothing but the normal front and back pockets. They're almost dress pants. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience working for a company that put them in a similar position, and if so how they managed the tools they wanted to have on them. My instructor gave us so many helpful hints and tips like keeping some Vicks for the smelly scenes or a baggie with a few dog biscuits for those dogs that are protective of their owners. I was very excited to be prepared with things like these, and now I find myself with nowhere to put them!
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