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  1. A friend of mine went to Washington over the weeked and this is a story he told me. When they approached and could see the white house he said "this is your captain....a special treat for the passengers on the left. The white building is the White House". At this point he said "LET ME SHOW YOU!"
  2. I carry a cpr face shield with me.I also sometimes carry an OnSite
  3. agradece lo que realmente signifiqué era cómo entender toda la mazarota para arriba allí… de todos modos
  4. Can anyone write me DETAILED description of how to listen to FDNY?
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies, I really appreciate it.
  6. Does anyone keep a personal AED in their vehicle? I have a OnSite at my house but rarely take it out.
  7. I was interested to hear other peoples opinions about what the difinition of "saved life" really means. The website http://www.thefreedictionary.com/save+own+life-----was used for the definition. 1. a. To rescue from harm, danger, or loss. b. To set free from the consequences of sin; redeem. 2. To keep in a safe condition; safeguard. 3. To prevent the waste or loss of; conserve. 4. To set aside for future use; store. 5. To treat with care by avoiding fatigue, wear, or damage; spare: save one's eyesight. 6. To make unnecessary; obviate: Your taking the trunk to the attic has saved m
  8. Hummh...I recall that I have never done a conscious intubation in a "real emergency". What is it like, and what did the patient react like when he heard: "Calm down, it will be okay, I'm only insert this half-a-foot long tube into you. Then I will inflate the cuff and begin ventillating you. I am a trained professional ( :roll: )." I would hate to have myself intubated ---conscious.
  9. Hi, I work for Arlington Fire Resue. Arlington has a great EMS system composed of Intermediates and Paramedics. Each medic is required to have one Intermediate and one paramedic, if not two paramedics. Arlington EMS gets a lot to disregards on Major Accidents but mostly gets CP and BD and ME calls. If you are a Basic, you cannot work for Arlington EMS or fire becasue the minimum is Intermediate. I would look into MEDSTAR. Stay safe and make a positive difference
  10. In Arlington TX all of are Engine/Quint/HazMat/Brush/Bat./ETC. have the opticom. We have to use it when responding Code3. Our medics have it to. Stay safe and make a positive difference.
  11. CHAOS-n----- A acronym for Chief Has Arrived On Scene Quint7Paramedic--Stay safe and make a positive difference!
  12. Hey DustDevil, if you want to see the photo of Quint9 , it is in the photo section along with Engine 7. Quint 7 is getting replaced in Sept. The new Quint will be at the iChiefs conference in Dallas. I am about to post the photo of Quint 7 that quite possibly saved your life :wink:
  13. The patient was in serious condition, and since I am a medic I assisted the medic en-route. While on the way back from JPS (John Peter Smith Hospital), we get toned. I work in Arlington not Ft. Worth DustDevil! Our Engines and Quints all have the REAL air horns on air. Arlington's medics are required to have a minimum of an Intermediate and a paramedic. Stay safe and make a positive difference!
  14. Okay, my partner and I are driving back from JPS, in Ft. Worth for an abdominal pain and we get toned out for a Major Accident confirmed injuries in Ft. Worth. We're right in the busy "return-back-home-from-work" hour, and a stupid cars in front won't move, we blast the electric air horn with paser and wail, THEY ARE DEAF :cussing: . I felt like yelling through the broadcast "MOVE YOU IDIOTS". Finally they move [-(
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