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  1. now that i think about it...it was awhile back..but the medic gave the pt a squirt of nitro..and i smelt the overspray of it... after passing out one of my buddies made it clear of what happend and how it happened..lol thanks medics!
  2. yeah ..thats prolly what it was i was very surprised myself that it happened.. i guess there's always a first time for everything.... nick
  3. Well we get dispatched to a business in our district for seizures. Upon arrival we discovered a diabetic bracelet. We load the pt onto the cot and into the Rig where medics were setting up after being updated on the type of emergency. Medics begin to start an iv line and administer sodium phosperate (spelling) and glucose in the iv line. The pt starts to react and open her eyes and medics start to gather information. I do not know what caused me to become light-headed, weak, and look like casper the ghost and sweat and make a lake in the rig, but it happned. One of my crew members asked me the
  4. with out a doubt safety for yourself is more importent then the PT safety...with out emts the call wont get answered.
  5. after a business meeting turns out all members are getting a light permit now and everyone will be able to have access to them and display them...
  6. yeah... the chief of your department has to sign and the mayor..then it is sent to the motor vehicle services... but they wont let me use one so now im stuck with a 150 light..oh and everyone elses permits are ancient
  7. in my town its blue/red ppolice blue/white fire/ems responders and amber dpw trucks..as long as we dont use red were fine.. and if u have red you have a special permit in extension to a recular one.. but i wont be imitating police anytime soon lol nick
  8. ok now im getting an idea .. although there are alot of squad members houses down from me that they let them use it with out a permit..sometimes i take it as favortism
  9. Hey, I volunteer for EMS in the Morris County Area (EHFAS). I am a new member on the first aid squad for about 4-5 months now. All NJ residents (i am not sure about other states) are allowed to use a Blue Light while responding to the fire/first aid building. I have looked into the laws and regulations to own and operate a blue light in the state of NJ. They state that a member in good withstanding of a paid/volunteer first aid, fire or rescue department are allowed to display a blue warning light. The member in charge or issuing a blue light permit on my squad says I do not need one, a
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