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  1. I've heard that they are neonate until 28 days after DUE DATE - not date of birth. Could be wrong, but every instructor I've ever had have said the same thing.
  2. I've even heard of a doc pronoucing a pt and a nurse just for the sake of it checked a pulse and guess what??? He had one - big oops. So missed fractured femur - won't kill him - just prolong the pain. I've missed one in the field as well, even a fractured hip - it happens (especially when the bones are still in line or hairline fracture with no obvious signs present) - pt still got treated and bones reset so all ends well. Which is the goal. From the sounds of it you did everything you shoud have - don't fret about it.
  3. Just had a guy the other day same thing (not BLS crew, no ALS in the area) - 62 yr old male, feeling unwell at work. Taken to medical clinic (very loose term) and an hour later we were called for some "cardiac problem" Guy was in V-tach at 220, with weak radials at about 100 bpm and a BP around 100. Pt extremely diaphoretic, pale, nauseous, vomited x1, denies any sort of pain anywhere. Pt hx of same 6 years ago and converted with drugs - only med was atenolol. He was stable, conscious an only c/o feeling nauseous all the way to the hospital (4 min drive) - they attempted electrical ca
  4. Just a note - PCP's in Ontario (in most services anyways) can't start IV's therefore we cannot give D50 - only oral. Don't know where this took place, but just so you know - not everyone who is a paramedic can start IV's - depends on where you work.
  5. Throughout my years here in Hamilton I have learned quite a bit. Cops are the worst, followed by firefighters and then EMS. :x I have to say I am totally shocked at how high the rates are - not sure 95% - but there are lots out there who are willing to have affairs (men and women alike).
  6. I know it sounds funny - but the pupil was shifted towards the right side of the eye (not the middle) and the same size (3) as the other pupil - the rest of the eye/iris etc was as per normal (no changes).
  7. I love the "unconscious" ones that complain how you treated them while unconscious after finally "waking" up (ie. you hurt my finger/chest and yelled at me)
  8. Myself personally I know that I walk slower than most with the stretcher so to overcome being run over - I either push back on the stretcher or come to a complete stop in front of it so my partner gets the hint - or if I feel like it and have the room - let the stretcher go infront of me while I stay to the side and guide it from there. By the time I'm next to my partner they get the hint that they were going way to fast. Also if my partner is a head of me on something I say "wait" or "just one sec" - usually works. Lifting the stretcher is a big one that you both have to be ready f
  9. Can't say I've heard of any of this - if I saw it n the field, I'd take him to whatever hospital he has been dealing with or the one his doctor works out of and let them figure it out. Nothing we can do anyways besides supportive care- he can always be transferred to the burn unit after diagnosis. Thanks for the insight though.
  10. Okay - just had a pt who was very confused (new), slurred speech etc. Determined prob a bleed - anyways he presented with his right pupil deviated to the right - not the entire eye - just the pupil. The rest of the eye functioned properly and pupils were equal (right one no response though to light) and according to his wife his eye was not like that before. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen this or heard of this before - it's got me confused. :?
  11. I apparently was killed by - a falling tree in 1862 at the age of 10 - by that foul demon that Morgan sent - by my neighbour in Needful Things - by a hit and run driver on my way to school - Chris in a freak dancing accident and had to be occasionally revived by piling more clothing on top of her - the Partridge Family (what the ?????) - someone who knew her (man I'm in trouble) - mistake - assassin for someone who mistook me for my sister - a single shot to The back of her neck between 11 and 11.30pm on Guy Fawkes Night, 5th November
  12. What about the regular patient that calls at least 4-5 times a week (always at 5am) with her chronic back pain? Pt is in NO distress and ambulatory around her house with NO problems. Nothing has changed - no recent falls, twists, turns, hits etc (she sits around the house all day doing nothing). She says she has taken her meds but they don't help (usually a bunch missing). You ask - what do they do for you at the hosp? Her response - nothing - she's seen by the doc - says see your family doc and released - everytime. (Must also mention she is on welfare and doesn't pay for the ambulance)
  13. We were called to one of Hamiltons finest nursing homes (scares the crap out of me) for an unconscious diabetic - easy enough right? Well we get there and staff says his sugars were fine this morn, but when they took them before lunch they were getting low - so they waited another 30 min - took it again and they were even lower so they called us. We arrive to find an older gentleman, unconscious, maintaining airway, in bed and yellow. So we ask - liver failure? They say yes - pallative liver CA. So we check his sugar it's low - ALS arrives (supervisor), and between her and my partner
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