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  1. Even though you feel like punching that guy, there is nothing you can do to him without dealing with legal consequences afterwards. This is, of course, unfortunate, but what can you do? I like the hosing part, though. Yes, you should cover up the patient, but law enforcement should be more alert to things like this. In the end, the patient is exposed and when you try to save the patient's life, you do not want to divert your attention to covering her up. People should respect that and move away. The press is very persistent, but there must be something you can do without having to deal with an
  2. Seeing that I am not really fond of spiders, I would have probably jumped out the ambulance just to get away from it. Do not feel too bad, you had your reasons for doubting your patient. Just make sure that you check first in future. I think we can all learn from this in some way - some things are just what they seem.
  3. Unfortunately you get that in a lot of places at work. It is never easy fitting in when you first start out in a place. All you can do is to try to build yourself up and show them that you can succeed. No, it is not easy, nothing in life is ever easy, but that is the best way to grow up and make a success of yourself. If everything was easy, the world would be in chaos. Those people being so horrible to you, probably went through the same bs as you. They feel that if they do it to someone else, they will feel better about how they felt in the past. The best medicine is to keep building yoursel
  4. So I read a funny story the other day: "So as usual we get called to an automatic alarm at a private residence. When we get there there is an actual smell of smoke so the decision is made to force the door. So the captain and a Lt. decide to show a new probie how to force the door. Yet try as they might they just can't get enough leverage to pry the door. So then the probie says, " here let me" and the tow of them start chuckling as the probie walks up. He then grabs the doorknob turns it and promptly opens the door. Much to the shock of the 2 officers who never tried to just open the
  5. That is something that so many people take for granted. While you are having a fake seizure, someone out there is actually having a real one. It is difficult knowing which is which, but in the end, their conscience will ride them. In this field, there is no time in deciding if it is fake or not, it is litteraly a matter of acting on what you see. When you are trying to save someone's life, just to find out that they took you for a fool, makes you almost whish that that person could have a real one, just so they can see that it is no joke.
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