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  1. It's amazing how much time heals and brings perspective. Before things got better they got much worse. I really believe it all came from a horrible lack of confidence. Before I could rise from the ashes I guess I had to burn completely. I got to the crossroad where I had to make a decision and so I took a "gap year" and did some traveling, spent a lot of time in the wilderness and generally, just thinking. At the end I gave it one more shot. I changed locations, moving all the way across the country. I went with a service that has a very organized training program and a well oiled machine tha
  2. I took the advise here and I'm looking around at what is being offered academically. Is everyone referring to a good old general management or BA type program, or the EMS degree information that keeps popping up on the side of the screen?
  3. Thank you all for the advice. I'm surprised there was no one that recommended getting instructor credentials in any EMS (BLS, PHTLS, AMLS, etc) related field. If I hadn't asked that's probably the way I would have gone. Interesting.
  4. I hope I'm posting this in the right spot for maximum reading. I am looking for advice on how to move into management. I love field medicine, but I'm 52 and I know things are going to become harder physically. However, more than that, I've seen too many instances of bad management driving good EMT"s and medics away and I want to do something where I have good skills. I have 8 years in EMS, 2 as a medic. I know my experience is short compared to other training officers, directors, etc. Is there any path I can take to get into management? I have a lot of management skills but every FTO,
  5. As it turns out you need a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine. I am realizing as I search out how various organizations run that there was no system in place. None. You make a mistake, don't perform well and it all falls on whether or not your partner might say something to you, or another medic on the call. It doesn't usually happen, so your mistakes just anchor you until you are shown the door with no warning. I guess the only thing worse is to never know what mistakes you made and then be out in the cold, ready to go somewhere and make them all over again. I got in EMS after 20 years
  6. WOW, sorry. I really wasn't looking at the Blog like you have presented. I didn't want advice as much as validation. Lots of people read, no one replies seemed to be a message that hurt. I was hoping I could be a word of warning for newbies to own their medic school experience, their first job, to listen to the inner voice. My inner voice said repeatedly, you do not have enough experience. I let myself be placed where I wasn't entirely comfortable and then the stupid little voice kept going until reality mirrored it. I have seen a lot of posts where people comment, encourage, or just pl
  7. So here I sit spinning around in my own little world, waiting for some cheese and bread for my wine. No my whine. It will be my last post because obviously there is nothing in the last 3 that has made anyone offer any words. No slap upside the head, no you deserve what you've been dealt, etc etc. I posted in hopes of finding out if anyone could put their virtual arm around me and tell me it would be ok, that it would get better. Study more, try harder, give it up. Your employer sounds like a moron would have been awesome. I did some research and I found evidence that other EMS agencies
  8. I have been trying to explain to my husband what's going on with my job and I find myself almost incredulous that I let it go this far. I don't want to hang out all the dirty laundry, so I'm thinking deep inside I do want to stay in EMS. I made a mistake. After months of a schedule that required 40-48 hours straight, no breaks, long distance transfers and high stress calls, I made repeated attempts to change the schedule, me bringing up repeated safety concerns, such as EMT's driving 90 while texting, an EMT having a seizure on the job and being allowed back to work a week later, I made a
  9. It took me 18 days to realize my bad month was going to screw up the Christmas of people I know and love. The hardest thing in the world was to let go of being mad and feeling betrayed and also totally responsible for the entire situation and say, Move on. Just like when your buddy separates or gets divorced or whatever event now makes continued miserable repeatments of how great they are and how low the other person is, rehashed daily for your benefit. I didn't get everything done that would have been over the top, like making cookies with the kids, fantasy fudge, homemade kahlua and trash
  10. The JB learning program is ok. There are several that offer questions in the same format as the exam. Don't worry. I knew a lot of people who failed it and I was freaked too. I bought a study program and made a point to figure out why the answer the program gave was right and I was wrong. I bet I drilled for 60-80 hours. I also used EMT-nationaltraining.com and another program I bought as a disk. I felt so sure I would fail when it shut off at 78 questions I went home and cried. But I didn't. I passed and if you work at it you will too. Good luck
  11. I should have started a blog here a long time ago. Maybe back in March when I started having problems. I don't know what happened or where things went wrong, but here on sit, all broken hearted all because I (fill in the blank). Remembered that old kids rhyme for some reason. To start at the end and work backwards for a second, I am in all practical sense of the word, "separating" from my employer. Isn't that a nice way to say Bye and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. According to my officially unofficial text from my boss, my behavior throwing a fit refusing a transf
  12. Sometimes you need to vent or just talk and the people around you ARE the problem so your idea sounds good to me too.
  13. Just a quick follow up. Time is amazing. I took a chance and confided in a long term employee here some of what has been happening. IT'S NOT ME! She confirmed that this hostility came with this new administrator and many people are working on baling out. She did also state that no one knows why or when he goes after someone but there's probably nothing I can do to change his treatment of me. It's pretty much written in stone now that I'm on the losing side. I'm just happy to know it wasn't me. Thanks for all the good advice. I hope if you need it you take from it. It helped me alot.
  14. Morale? What's that? Seriously? We get to drive real fast with the lights and sirens blaring. What's better than that? Free health care? Yep, we treat each other as needed cuz they don't keep up on workers comp. The real reason we go thru so much thiamine is hangovers. And for my tendonitis, I can grab all the icepacks I need to keep my arm cool. Every 3 or 4 years we get brand new ass kickin' neon striped coats. What more could we ask for?
  15. Thanks everyone. I have a few days out from the last disastrous day and i am feeling a little better. I know I have to deal with jerks and it's not them, but how I respond to it that will define me. Thanks for being so positive.
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