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  1. Hey, that was pretty rude! It should be called New Hampster! Sheesh. Now, where in NH are you? I got my start working for Irving Benoit in Somerswowrth.
  2. Island EMT was correct. Many options out there. Southern Maine has MANY paid per diem operations that you could fit into.Many of these are running fairly often and with a large retirement population, the level of acuity can be pretty good. Where would you like to see your self? Eastport to Key West is a big piece of land.
  3. What is the mission you are trying to cover with this Kit? Are you talking about a general first aid kit for your home use / Trauma bag type thing like a first in bag for you to have in teh back of your car if you come across a medical emergency / IFAK type kit for Tactical activities?
  4. Sorry for the late addition here and resurrecting an old thread but the original question only got maybe 2-3 responses. So, nationally about 50% of the TEMS medics are armed. In Maine there are eight teams that I know of. Three of them have armed Medics. One has a FT LEO they sent to Paramedic school. One has a FT FD medic they sent to the 18 week LEO academy. The other team just armed their medics and they are for defense only with no LEO certs. I am unarmed in my team. Having said that, I would be happier with a sidearm as I have seen the tail become point more than once.
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