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  1. I'm hoping to relocate to San Diego, CA for nursing school. I'm coming from CT (with my EMT license, cert, and CPR card) I was wondering if anyone can give me any info on if I would need any different certifications to work in CA and if you know what the average base pay would be?
  2. Kay, I have wanted to work in Haiti for many years now. I have had several opportunities, but each time the opportunity came up, I could not go for one reason or another. I still want to go. The last time that I was available and had almost gone to Port Au Prince was back in 2005 when Aristide was overthrown and all hell broke loose in Haiti. The last we heard was that they were beheading people there and so the group that I was traveling with made a last minute detour to Jamaica instead. I hope that things are calmer there for you now. Good luck in your mission. I think its wonderful tha
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