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  1. Is this for your EMT Basic level? Every question on the Registry can be answered correctly using your patient assessments either Trauma or Medical and using the basic knowledge and termonolgy. What's the first thing you do when you arrive on scene? Scene Safety, BSI, # of patients . . . when you read the questions, what is the correct answer that happens first in your assessment? Do the answers come from the Scene Size Up, do they refer to your initial assessment? If you don't have your assessments solidified in your mind frontwards and backwards you will not pass this test. Was your curr
  2. I think it comes down to your character and morals. I would never, and I do mean NEVER hurt another soul like that, especially one that I love. As your partner, you are not only there to help and encourage but also to protect from harm, either physical or emotional. It seems in this day and age of disposable marriage; forever and the true sense of commitment have disappeared. This is truly a sad fact. Maybe it’s our selfishness that allows us to justify our behaviors and actions, the live for today mentality. Take the time to know someone, truly know them, and then maybe you can f
  3. ever get that ball in your stomach waiting for a shift, then you get behind the wheel and it finally goes away :)

    1. spenac


      Yes disappears shortly after going to eat.

    2. SamIAm


      na, that's just gas

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