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  1. Yeah well I'm all better now! lol My blood sugar got to low yesterday but its all better! thanks for the imput!
  2. I don't plan on driving until about 1:55pm when I leave school to go work in the L&D unit at the hospital.
  3. So today I gave blood for the first time. Now I'm feeling a little bit funny and dizzy is that normal?
  4. Hey Monday thur Wensday 12 people from my school are going to the state competion. The event that I'm competing in is a EMT skills and writing test Any tips?
  5. Yeah thats what we plan to do. Today after school we are meeting to practice and to study. We are using some of my dad's old paramedic work book for questions. Would anyone have any suggestions on where to get a medic bag for our supplies?? We need two medium sized ones and we where hoping to get our names put on them. The cheapest I have found one for is $80.00 without our names being added on them and I was hoping to find them for about $50.00 or $60.00?
  6. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. My dad and I talked lastnight and things with us are cool. I told him that I wanted to win just bad as he wants me to win but that he needs to quit focusing on that because if I don't win I don't want it to feel like I let him down. Well its back to practice for me and my partner both for a written test thats questions and a skills event. Any tips on preparing for that?
  7. So I'm 18 and three months away from graduating highschool. My school has a program called HOSA and I competed in a EMT competion with it and won theird place at regionals and made it too state which is in four weeks. My partener and I have worked really hard. If we win at state we go to nationals which also means I have a chance at a scholorship which is awesome. At the sametime my dad is putting a lot of pressure on me to win yet when I need him to help me practice he is always working any advice?? Chas
  8. It is a friend. No they are not doing it for any spiritual reason. They have been going through a lot of stuff and just stopped eating. The longest they have gone without eating that I know of is three days. No they do not have a history of a eating disorder.
  9. What do you do if someone stops eating? Why is it such a bad thing and is it really that big of a deal?
  10. Yeah, thanks for the heads up. I used spellcheck I might have missed a few things.
  11. I also think what most high schools have to see and deal with everyday would suprise most of you. Yes everything in that happens in a person life effects that person. I know that some teens couldnt handle it while others could I think it depends on the person. Like I said dont let them go on all the calls use your judgement and give them a chance to earn your trust and your respect. Life isnt always going to be what it seem and reality can be a good thing for a teenager I know from personal experiance and I've truned out okay!
  12. Very true. I have to youger sisters and I wouldn't wont them to see stuff like that. The fact is yes they would have to do all the things you said and they would be hard for anyone. I also see that it is a great learning experiance.
  13. So, my thoughts on this is you can judge someone for there age do I think a 13 year old should go on all calls because they are still young and could not handle some of the stuff they might see. I do think that having programs like the Explore program is a good thing. It gives teens something to do and keeps them out of trouble. I just turned 18 and have done a ride along for school as a jounor in high school after taking several medical class one of them being an EMS class. I dont think what a teen see will hurt them it will only make them stronger and they can learn so much. Most teens think
  14. Yes, it does have a Bachelor-level degree which is why I want to go there.
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