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Well that really sucks, I failed at 120 on the home/online NREMT

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I went into it feeling over confident I think, I FELT really prepared with my knowledge of materials, but I guess that theory was proven false. I usually do so good on tests, and every test in my EMS course I felt surprised by how well I did, I had to wrestle through a lot of self doubt, but at the end, I felt a lot more ready for this test. But I was totally caught off guard with how this test seemed totally bizarre and totally unexpected in how it was phrased and how some questions seemed to clash with each other for the top pick, 'correct' answer. I used EMS Prep and a lot of online "NREMT Practice Tests" as study resources and seemed to be doing really well there, but those resources felt totally incompatible with the actual test material. So if anyone can clarify this for me, My understanding after leaving the test is, we're supposed to apply flat text book answers to these scenarios where in real world scenarios we'd likely do it a lot differently? If that's the case, I'll try to mesh with the tests mindset better next time.

Also saw A LOT of myths and theories floating around, so in the off chance someone gets convinced by those, just know I already tried them and they're false if I'm any indication. I heard if the last question you answer is correct then you passed. I know my last 3 questions were correct, and I failed. I do believe you can pass at 120, so I don't think that has any bearing on my own failure. But things like checking your results early by trying to 'create new application' on the NREMT website and it not letting you meaning you passed, that is totally false. I tried that and it didn't let me, and here we are. I will say that I don't recommend the home test, it was an anxiety filled experience and it kinda sucked having the same time to finish 120 questions as people that were less likely to go the distance in the adaptive.

I just wanted to share my experience, It really sucked to work so hard to get an L in the end, but I'm committed to my own improvement and am seeing this as a detour, not my final destination, so I'd really appreciate if you guys were gracious with me, I do feel like a sufficient amount of **** and don't need any more today haha my plate is already full tbh. But I do really want your guy's input and comments on what I've said, even any tips or recommendations from your own experiences could be very helpful to me. Thanks for reading my spiel.


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