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EMS Orientation and school?

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Hi all! Just got my first job offer with my local county EMS agency as an EMT! I am going from working in a lvl 1 trauma to EMS, as I decided that Paramedic was the route for me and I will need all the prehospital experience I can get if I am to be a good medic. Anyways... question. Does anyone know how flexible orientation is with school schedules? I know it varies per agency but I just wanted some general input. I am in medic school and have one class on tuesdays for just a few hours. Do you think my agency would work my onboarding around that one day for just a couple weeks until orientation is over? I’ll be on nights so it won’t be a problem after orientation. Just wanting some advice before I put my notice in with my current employer. Thanks in advance!!! 

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Did you explain this to your new employer when you interviewed with them?  I'm sure that if they want to keep you they will work around it but if you come to them out of the blue and say "Hey, I'm in medic school and need tuesdays off for the next foreseeable future" and they had no idea you were in medic school, they might be a little upset with you.  But the flip side of the coin would be that you will then be a medic for them to use and abuse when you get your medic license so they might overlook that issue.  

All in all, if the employer is worth it's salt they will work with you and give you the time off to pursue your medic class.  But I know there are a lot of services who say tough shit, you work for the collective BORG now, you do what we tell you and if you don't like it don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.  hopefully you don't work for one of those. 

Good luck

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