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Can't deal with suicidals

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Well this has always been a touchy issue with me since my dads sucuide. But recently it has touched home to me again. Well this was an attempted sucuide thank God but anyway. I agree that sucuide is a selfish act and it solves the immediate problem for the person, but the rest of us are left with too many questions. A very close friend of mine's son who was only 13 yo attemped it this week. He comes from a great family a very close knit family. We just never know what goes through peoples minds, It is easy for us to judge them say they took the easy way out, But then we arent feeling what they feel we dont know the pain or the preception of things as they see it. I Havent changed the way I feel about sucuide but now I do have a little more understanding into the concept.

I guess what I want to say is until we walk a mile in that persons shoes, We cant understand thier feelings and how they see life. Yes as a EMT-I I have picked up the attention getting person that gets on your nerves so bad you want to instruct them on the proper techniques to succeed, But then again I have picked up bodies of people that have and family members wondering why. The best advice Anyone can give in a Sucuidual patitent is Treat them as if they were your family cause God knows some day it could be.

dignity, respect and compassion goes a long way.


-500 for a thread from 2 years ago.....

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