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Well I awoke today to the best of news WHOO HOO !..

My fleet Ops manager Marcel located my KNIFE in a gut wagon I returned 4 weeks ago .. the gas tank lost a metal strap, yup a bloody Ford! I secured it with a ratchet strap and had to trim the strap so it did not wrapped around the drive shaft for the 300 km trip over rough ice roads for return for repairs and we did not have to transport it out on a low boy trailer $$$$$$ !

I will when my tour is over take a picture of it .. best rescue blade ever guys.

I hope Marcel likes rhum ... he is going to get a 40 pounder for his efforts, it slipped through the seat, out of my pocket and he really had to look to locate it.


BOLO cancelled :punk:

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As promised .. my Knife is no longer lost ! WHOO HOO !

It cost me a 26 of Captain Morgan's spiced Rhum .. as far as I am concerned worth every penny, besides the fact that 5 % off in Athabasca AB because they thought I was local hose hose monkey AND a Capitan Morgan baseball cap ... to boot.

Tickled as 12 rhum punch mon .. in Commonwealth or Dominica to get it back .. like an old friend.



It says it Trade Marked :wtf2: .. so why the hell wasn't it easy to find on line ... btw the cheesy belt cutter (picture attached prior) I bought as a replacement did not cut through a plastic garbage bag today .. Columbia River FAIL !

The N.E.C.K is a good blade but not good for EMS due to tantu upcurving blade as it makes tracks. :o






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So I got to thinking (ok my brother did) what would I use as a replacement if my knife was NOT found ? I believe I was making him crazy with all my whining, and shredding my truck and room about 6 times .. go figure eh ? My improvised for one 2 week tour blades .. I am not permitted to carry a "weapon" on most oilfield sites over 6 inches is the definition of a "weapon" sheesh so I am limited to tools of the my trade.

The CRKT NECK is a good blade for killing or cutting harnesses off but Tanto edge is NOT a good thing for removing coveralls and bulky clothing as it curves slightly up ..

"No Doctor he must have had the perfect edged wound" from his fall . :whistle:

But for those that have ever had the misfortune of actually being forced to do an amputation (besides reading up on it and recommended highly by myself before hand.


Some other links re upper and lower limb on that page if you review the ATLS summary U tube.

I carry a swiss army little saw knife for bone, in a pinch like entrapment in an auger, disarticulation of the joint is the easiest, leaving as much soft tissue as possible for flap. btw I don't like doing amputation it sucks huge, no HUGE ! and stinking of blue cheese is another DGA ie Dead Give Away that in a 3 world deployment "something" will have to be done i.e Haiti.


The CRKT Extrik 8 -R is a cheap piece of tin (although it does have O2 key) but better as a Parachute Jump Knife, the window punch was absolutely farking useless. I tried about 6 different things to cut, from 5 mil climbing rope to seat belt webbing to clothing it sucked on clothing and as I left camp trimming a green plastic garbage bag it took 6 swipes, :thumbsdown: sharpening it was a PITA after, the steel in it is not good quality or cold tempered but what can you expect for 21 bucks ? and use good gloves when using it.

Here is what I found (maybe a few X mas presents ?) for those of you that read my note about the Team involved with our ROSC call.. and sure proud of those dedicated professionals, there was an appreciation night but I escaped that .. whew, thank god .. I hate dressing up .




Thinking will get NCIS Gibbs quote lazered on the blade.

Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife !

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