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  1. So does anyone else have a hard time finding a job? I just finished my EMT-P, and yet I still can't find a company that will hire me, or that doesn't have something posted saying their next hire date is in "2009"...
  2. Hello all, Does anyone know how heavily my driving record is going to be weighed against me when I begin to apply at companys as an EMT-B? I currently have 6 points on my license which equate to 3 moving violations, however 2 of those points fall off this April. I appreciate any responses I get in advance. Thanks!
  3. I post in this forum in particular because it seems like a lot of you guys sound pretty experienced. With just weeks left of my EMT-B theres so many frustrations and questions that keep running through my head and I have NO ONE to help me with any of them. My EMT Instructor is possibly the most unpersonable person ever and never offers any real advice to things I ask. Is there ANYONE that would be willing to talk with me one-on-one via AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, etc? EMS is something I've always wanted to do, but now more and more I feel like everyones saying that I'm wasting my time.
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