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  1. I am new here and I have respect for EMT people and their issues, both from the patients and medical professionals. IMO, EMTs are de facto nurses and doctors. Since I am ill with genetic form of Degenerative SpinoCerebellar (Ataxia), Epilepsy and BiPolar with Mania. Because of these issues and the primacy of medical intervention , I think it would be cool to discuss these matters, no only from medical people but patients also. Excuse my poor grammar and I am a brat. Daughter of a doctor.
  2. I feel badly for you. And I hope you can find some resolution and a good outcome.
  3. I am not an EMT but I do respect the craft, BUT I do not agree with all the stuff. Like AMA, Informed Consent and autonomy.
  4. There is a caveat to treatment called 'Informed Consent'. If I break a wrist then I could assert myself calmly and do the 'AMA' thing. And if transported certainly no clothes would be off or cut away. Nor in the ER either. I am an 18-year-old female who knows her rights. I am a high risk person with Epilepsy and Ataxia (Degenerative Spinocerebellar type). I am always skating on thin ice but where I can, I assert myself. Everything in context.
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