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  1. As much as I'd love to do all that you just mentioned... Living near Salt Lake City, UT, all the fire departments/ambulance services don't hire EMT's very often at all. Because of the high call volume anywhere within 40 miles around here they mainly hire AEMT's and Paramedics. EMT's around here kind of have to work the crappy jobs before even being considered at a department. Things like event centers, rural ambulance services, or odd jobs like corn mazes and theme parks. Once you have some experience in those, you either get your Advanced (or are already in training for it), or hopefully
  2. Thanks a ton, and yeah I'll be keeping it to first aid only. You guys rock. ....and now I really want some corn on the cob... XD
  3. Hey all, I'm new to this site, and I have LOVED what I've seen so far from other questions and discussions. I'm excited to stick around! But I have a pressing question, can you guys help me out? I posted a question in the "General EMS Discussion" Forum, here's the link: I'm just looking for a quick response, because the job starts this Friday, September 22nd. In advance, thank you all SO much!
  4. Hey guys, Just this summer I got my EMT certification, and I secured a job at a very popular, busy corn maze for this Halloween season. I'm one of four EMT's that they hire, and they ask us each to carry our own first aid bags (and they will reimburse anything we use). My question is, what should I carry in my bag? I'll start with PPE, but I'd like to know what exactly I'll need or potentially need to use. What do you guys think? Keep in mind, Paramedics are only about 10/15 minutes away. Thanks guys!
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