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  1. Hello! New RN here. I have my NREMT-B license as well for roughly 3 years. I wanted to gain more experience as an ER nurse. Medics are constantly on calls for intubations, administering necessary meds and working with possible trauma patients. My ER is not a busy ER so I'd like to get more experience working with unstable patients and it appears that many paramedic skills would be very beneficial to ER nurses. I also like the pre-hospital environment. My question is would it make sense to work as a paramedic PT while working in the ER as a nurse?
  2. Oh this one of those forums. Hey asshole don't worry last time I ask a question here. Btw if this is the way you respond to your patients you should go back to class learn how to talk to people.
  3. I don't have a good driving record but I have a friend who told me the company he works for has him as an EMT with a driving restriction since he also didn't have a great record so I've decided to just not drive anymore and gave up my car so to clean up my record. Anyways, I digress. I still have an active driver's license and would like to know if going through the CEVO/EVO training would be worthwhile. In general, I'm just very interested in learning the whole process. I'm also a nursing student so I like to keep my medical knowledge sharp so decided doing EMT while in nursing school. Thank you in advance for your input!
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