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  1. Is it safe to assume there was no trauma leading up the present complaints? A 12 lead would be nice with CAD risk factors and extensive history; but useless giving the pacemaker. There are several argument of NTG over Labetalol. I do not view her experiencing a HTN crisis. No diaphoresis, SOB, or chest pain. Unless she is having a right wall infarct, I don't see NTG "bottoming" out her BP. Labetalol is a more "stable" drug to give; I suppose. (I don't feel any drug is safe or stable; and each pose there own risk) Perhaps continue the NTG. Perhaps switch to labetalol. What did the pati
  2. Looking at your 4 and 12 leads. Nothing pokes out as "STEMI" other than the LP12 interpretation. I understand your concern for the elevation in v1 and v2. But consider you QRS width. It is greater than .12. I would question whether or not those wide QRS complexes are physical contraction. If PVC's then no. The elevated ST segments are only noted on those wide complexes. That's inherent. I would not trust calling a STEMI alert based on the monitor. Except for the occasion of new onset LBBB. But we would need to dig into the axis variations which are for the most part WNL. Maybe off
  3. Good evening all. Checking out the site. Some good reads on here. A little about myself. Been in EMS for 10 years now. Been employed with East Baton Rouge Parish EMS as an inner city Paramedic with lots of thrills, blood, sweat, and tears. Currently on a hiatus enjoying a slower pace offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Looking at relocating to Colorado in the next few years. Anybody from that area care to chime in on some good spots? I'm looking into Loveland, Greeley, and the Denver area. Looks like Thompson Valley EMS and Denver Health seem like good spots. Ideally I would l
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