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  1. Paramedicmike, I can see how your skeptical on it. If your not prior military, I wouldn't expect you to understand. The whole thing is being planned now and like I said, they prefer me over the Corpsmen. The Corpsmen can't go anyway because they're two of them and they have annual training for that week. See how the size of a unit matters now? Now since I'm planning, if you have an answer instead, I'd appreciate it. Your very correct about there being a reason DOH doesn't have an answer. It's because they don't know. That is why I posted this after all Yeah its real training with a real LOI with real CO authorization…You guys seem to know more about how the military works then where I can find resources to help me make a smart move What are you guys skeptical about? Im just trying to get good solid advice from a few pro's. I clearly came to the wrong place. Thank you
  2. Its a small unit and they know me. Besides the skeptics though, I really just need resources to help my deciding. Thanks all. Anybody from Colorado? That be very helpful.
  3. Everything is staying within scope. My question though…do I even have a scope if I'm not working under a physician?
  4. A group of Marines are going to the mountain for a few days and want me to join them as their EMT. Apparently the Navy Corpsmen aren't digging the avalanche hazard terrain. Anyways, I'm a VET and know these guys really well so I've been preferred over others. I will volunteering as a civilian with no medical control. Am I allowed to do this in the state of Colorado? Called the dept. of health…no clear answer. Its a grey area apparently considering I'd be dealing with the military. I am state certified and my biggest fear is loosing that if. Thanks for review or any answers. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Brandon and I just passed registry. Looking forward to picking your brains for information! I just left the Marine Corps and stumbled into an EMT course a few months back, turns out I really love it. Thank you for having me here.
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