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  1. Yeah I probably pissed someone off over there and they're sticking it to me. Thanks for the reply!
  2. I've been an NYC EMT a little over 3 years, a year and a half working transport @ Midwood Ambulance and a year and half working 911/Core @ NSLIJ. I did a small stint @ FDNY academy in between that time. I ended up resigning. I was just recently hired at Transcare's 911 division. my supervisor tried VAX'ing me but the FDNY denied me clearance to work for an unknown reason. Now I can't work 911 until the FDNY figures out why. It's been over 3 weeks. Has anyone been through this? And how much longer will it take for the FDNY to finally clear me? For what reasons would they deny someone clearance to work? And what exactly does VAXing someone mean?
  3. Hey everyone. I am already certified as a NYS EMT, but i am considering getting Nationally Registered as well. I wanted to ask you guys if you think it's worth it. I mean, I would like to take the NREMT to build my resume and I heard employers look highly upon an NREMT because it's much more challenging than the NYS exam. plus, i want to take it to challenge myself. can i even take the nremt exam with a state cert without plans of moving to another state or reciprocating?
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