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  1. Yeah I probably pissed someone off over there and they're sticking it to me. Thanks for the reply!
  2. I've been an NYC EMT a little over 3 years, a year and a half working transport @ Midwood Ambulance and a year and half working 911/Core @ NSLIJ. I did a small stint @ FDNY academy in between that time. I ended up resigning. I was just recently hired at Transcare's 911 division. my supervisor tried VAX'ing me but the FDNY denied me clearance to work for an unknown reason. Now I can't work 911 until the FDNY figures out why. It's been over 3 weeks. Has anyone been through this? And how much longer will it take for the FDNY to finally clear me? For what reasons would they deny someone clearance
  3. Hey everyone. I am already certified as a NYS EMT, but i am considering getting Nationally Registered as well. I wanted to ask you guys if you think it's worth it. I mean, I would like to take the NREMT to build my resume and I heard employers look highly upon an NREMT because it's much more challenging than the NYS exam. plus, i want to take it to challenge myself. can i even take the nremt exam with a state cert without plans of moving to another state or reciprocating?
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