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  1. I am still a big new in the game- Most of my calls have been medical- I now am in a system where more and more MVC's are common. We are allowed to respond to scene on non-duty nights to help- The big question I have is when approaching a scene as a first arriving EMT on a multi-vehicle/multi patient crash- What are the priorities or order of doing things? For example- I arrive to find 2 cars and 4 patients all hurt in some fashion- Do I start evaluating each one for a quick 10 seconds or so to get an initial size up for the responding crew and then do stabilization of some kind??? If I do an initial size up on 4 pts' and find all are not hurt very badly but all have some neck/back pain- What is my next step? Tell them to all remain still and take Cspine on one person??
  2. We take part every year in "take your kid to work day" and like to give an overview of the squad here at work. ANy suggestions on what to do with the kids during the 15 minute classroom session??? These are kids aged 7-9- so I want to come up with something fun, informative and educational.
  3. OK- I know this is basic and simple but just want some feedback. We were dispatched for a "possible" allergic reaction to food.... we get on scene and pt stated her throat flet like it was closing.... Upon examination we found her ABC's to be fine- lungs clear, Alert & oriented x3 etc etc- seems to be in fine shape- What is the best way to assess the airway upon this complaint? Should you visually look?- outside of ling sounds- how about putting a scope right on the midline throat area?? Just looking for quick ways to assess and decide how serious.... In this case- she was totally fine and it appeared more anxiety related- but I was looking for some other ways to go about this type of assessment
  4. Just tying to get some feedback- You pull onto a scene where a pt. was burned (1st/2nd)degree on a good portion of his body- The person who got there before you tried to help and put burn creme onto the affected area. Is your next move to "wipe" the cream off and begin cooling the area? What is the easiest way to get teh creme off without further damaging the pt.?
  5. Hope someone can clear up some things.... I helped on a call the other day where a young woman in passenger seat for MVC. (not major)- Just complaining of slight pain- They put on collar and manually held CSpine-placing on long board with block, straps....etc. - Wouldn't this be indication for KED- or other shortboard?? Or in this case (precautionary) is manual OK? Also- What is the criteria for rapid extrication?? For example- Would you yank someone out of a car because they were unconscious (but breathing ok)??? Can you give me the situations (other than the obvious- Car is on fire) Where you would take someone out quicker??
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