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  1. Well, a month later and I have consulted with the police and asked if there had been any complaint filed. Unfortunately, nothing has transpired. Case closed, until next time.
  2. Thanks Mobes but I understand where Mike is coming from. I hadn't expected to post again but I'll address Mikes concerns. The nurse made the comment the crass way she did because she was so shocked that she reverted to her back ground. This nurse is from the same area as the patient and may even know the family. She was so shocked by what she witnessed that she couldn't even think of the right word for semen and knowing that the first word in her head was inappropriate she spelled it out. Fortunately there was no family in the room at the time.
  3. Greetings all; Contrary to the rules of this site, I have created this account for the sole purpose of creating this post and I do not intend to use this account again. Since the mods are previewing this post I will assume I am forgiven just this once if it appears in the forums. The reason I am posting this anonymously is because I am a well known user on this forum and I've made no secrets of where I am from or who I am. Should this information be linked to me, a reader may also be able to identify who I am talking about. For the protection of my patient I am taking steps to avoid t
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