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  1. Hey All, I'm the acting training coordinator for a volunteer corp in CT. We're currently re-vamping our current precepting program and creating a type of "academy", if you will. We want to come up with a final evaluation. Something that eliminates the personal predjudices and ideals of the FTO making the evaluation, but creates a stable and consistent process to determine that each trainee is competent and reliable. I've come up with a few details, but I'd like something to compare them to. This is new for our corp as training has never been taken to the highest level of seriousness in the past. How is training where all of you work/volunteer? What are some of the things they require for a trainee to prove themselves of their abilites? What are some methods that your organizations employs in obtaining that goal? Any comments or ideas would be extremely helpful and appreciated. -Justin-
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