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  1. Yes, it is intended to perform the compressions. We'd like to design a device which could be contained in public locations (like AEDs). Ultimately though, we want to improve on the shortcomings of existing devices. Hence, we really appreciate any input from the forums given our very limited medical experience! Also, thanks for the info, Arctickat.
  2. Hello everyone, I am a member of a student team of engineers designing an automatic, portable CPR machine. This device could be positioned in public areas (similar to AEDs) and could be attached to patients, freeing medical personell to simultaneously move patients or tend other injuries. We really need to prioritize design characteristics (portability, adjustability, etc.), but without field medical experience, we're a bit in the dark! Would you be able to give us a hand by ranking the following CPR machine characteristics (in terms of importance) on a scale of 1-10? Thank you so
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