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  1. High Utilizer Care Plans

    Does anyone out there have a template that they use for care plans that are disseminated to field crews on high-utilizer patients to help assist with clinical decision making? Trying to deploy a care plan template here and not super interested in reinventing the wheel if it already exists.
  2. Hello, I'm a Paramedic in Minnesota.

    If you ever get to the big city, say hi to the brown shirt Hennepin county medics... We are a pretty nice bunch...
  3. Ketamine... PCA?

    Do you get the reemergence effect with the lower doses of Ketamine typically associated with pain control? We recently added a Ketamine option as an adjunct to analgesia at a dose of 0.5mg/kg. Our medical director cautioned against it citing cost and the associated hospital course, but they never mentioned anything about administering a benzo with it like they do with our behavioral health doses of 2 mg/kg IV or 5mg/kg IM.
  4. Am I a Degreed Paramedic?

    The last group of people we hired had bachelors degrees in international business, media arts, and two other random things. None of then had a science degree. What i think a degree says about you is not specifically your education base but more so that you jumped through the hoops of getting a bachelors degree and spent enough time to finish it, which is an accomplishment as far as i am concerned. I'm going back to school this fall 8 years after finishing my associates degree to finish my bachelors and i although i have no intention of leaving this field, I'm getting a degree in marketing, just cause you never know when your spine is gonna explode. I think the basketweaving bachelors degree should hold just as much weight as a biology degree. Either way, you have more education than 90% of your EMS peers.
  5. Backboarding policy change

    This is very welcome development... I first heard official-ish word of this development while taking a PHTLS course last year. Instead of using a scoop stretcher, my service keeps using a technology we have used for 120 years of our existence, "canvas and poles." As archaic as it looks, this system is incredibly adaptable, ergonomically better than all other options, and markedly more comfortable for our customers. Essentially all it is, are 2 aluminum poles with wood handles that we have custom made that fit in a sheath on either side of the custom made canvas. the canvas covers are about $23 USD each and i think we get about 10 uses out of each cover before they are donated to the goodwill. In the MSP area, we have the luxury of having nearly every hospital use the same laundry service, so we just get them routed back to us after laundering. Excess of 500 pounds can be carried by these. We get a lot of crap from other services who don't realize how awesome these are, but they iz just haters.
  6. metal building, pagers dont work

    My service uses a top of the line cad system, all Motorola APX radios on a digital system and we still carry alpha numeric pagers. They work and their coverage is generally impeccable... Assuming you are speaking about alpha pagers. If your coverage sucks on then, there may be a booster system you could purchase through your communications dealer ata price that isn't outrageous. There also is software that you can run through your computer and a radio card and you can pull data directly off of the pager control channel, but I don't know how discriminating it always is. If it is a voice pager system, perhaps an old mobile radio could be outfitted in your station. Someone with a little radio know how could do it for around $100, maybe $150 if you want audio plumbed into every room. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  7. Infant/Child Restraint - Techniques and Equipment

    We added these with our new fleet. http://serenitysafetyproducts.com/ They ring in around $4k, but from a legal sense, they are about the best option. We also have the PediMate, but my feeling on it can best be summed up as "Blegh." The Idea of bringing the child in a car seat makes a lot of sense also, so the parents have a safe way to transport the child home. Plus a loose Cheerio may come out...
  8. Flesh Eating Virus

    I see Nec Fasc all of the time since my hospital has a Burn Center and Hyperbarics. Our Hyperbarics didnt get moved over when they moved the hospital 30 some years ago, so we have always had to drive patients 2 blocks to our HBO chamber, but come tomorrow, New HBO chamber on campus! Woot Woot! I have seen some very interesting manifestations of it in 5 years of working there, from simple feet, to significantly revised facial structures due to its incursion. I wear Gloves and apply copious amounts of bath blankets so I don't have to see or smell it.
  9. Transport Ventilators usage for 911 response

    my view is that out isn't the amount of resources you have available to you, but more of a safety issue. How many of us actually wear our seatbelt in the back of the truck? Its hard to do your job while wearing a seatbelt. I wear mine about 75% of the time and suspect I am one of about 5% of people who do and only because I saw a video of a friend of mine almost die when he was in an ambulance rollover. How many of your first responders step into the back of the truck and at first instinct reach for their belts? None. I love my first responders, but get them out of the truck a they are dangerous. Putting a vent is a truck that is already carrying an automatic CPR device virtually eliminates the need to leave your seat during a transport. There isn't any more complexity than that. The other advantage of a vent is that if it can do SIMV, then you can add BiPAP to your truck. I'm working on a research study proposal right now on that premise. CPAP is great but BiPAP is better. Duh. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  10. Michigan EMTs and Medics...

    The upper penninsula of michigan is the UP, and it is filled with 'yoopers. They are an odd bunch.
  11. Well, I ran out of stupid phone games to play at work so I now migrate to lurker status here. I am a full time paramedic with Hennepin EMS in Minneapolis since 2008 and have never worked somewhere that I more implicitly love and and proud to work at. I spent 3 years working for Mayo Clinic's ambulance service and although I don't regret my time there, I am very glad to not be there anymore for my own mental health. I'm also a pretty apathetic volunteer firefighter in the suburb I live in. I spent most of February of this year in the DFW area taking my CCEMTP at Careflite and have nothing but wonderful things to say about that program and the educators they employ. my general goal is to take a reserved approach to EMS and make sure that we all know that we aren't the most important people in the world but still have a vital role and really try to have as much fun as possible while at work but when my 40 hours is up, work is over. Blah, blah, blah. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2