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  1. My impression was that he was sick. I decided not to cardiovert because in my mind he was "stable" for his condition and I'd rather hold on to what I had (awake, good BP) and wait until I had extra help in the ER in case the cardioversion went south and he converted to a less stable rhythm.
  2. Ok. I gave oxygen via NC, placed pacer/defib pads, continued to attempt IV while keeping an eye on the monitor and his level of consciousness for any changes. Transport time was approximately 7 minutes to ED. IVs were unsuccessful. I guess my main quandry is whether or not you would have cardioverted him.
  3. Don't have propofol on the truck. Also, no IV access. Transport time is approximately 7 minutes to closest ER. EDIT: For the sake of argument, let's say you can't establish IV access after 3 attempts.
  4. It's not homework, actual call a few weeks ago. As soon as I got the monitor hooked up I had my partner initiate transport emergency traffic to the ER. I will tell you what I did en route, but I was hoping to hear how others would have treated.
  5. You are called to a residence at 2000 hours for a patient experiencing chest pain. Upon arrival, you enter the residence and find a 73 year old patient laying on his bed in obvious distress. The pt. is awake and alert. Describes 9/10 substernal chest pain of sudden onset. He has a history of triple bypass surgery and took one baby aspirin prior to your arrival. Pt. doesn't take any other meds regularly. He is diaphoretic and has a rapid, strong, radial pulse. He is moved to the stretcher and expediently to the ambulance. V/S are taken and reveal 122/92, heart rate 160, respiratio
  6. I'm headed on a long road trip and would like to use the time to study for my paramedic class. I'm about halfway through it. Can anyone recommend any audio material? I've found two things so far, one is called vangonotes and it is done by the Audible company. It is five sections each about 5 hours long for $20 per section. The other thing I've found was emssuccess.com which offers 8 hours of review material for $30. Are there other options? Any opinions from anyone who has tried these things? Once again, this is just going to be supplemental to all my other work. Just trying to make the best o
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