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  1. Thanks Ace, well noted.....the only transports I have been on have been a hip fracture, and to transport for a MRI. So there have been no emergancy transports, that is done by air. I just want to be accurate on my assesments. And as I dig myself a bigger hole for you to through me into, LOL. Thanks for your reply's, Rocket has already answered my questioned. We average about two calls a month, not a lot of time to practice ones skills. Cara.
  2. I should have been more specific with my question. I live in rural Montana and a lot of the pt's. we have are transports from one hospital to another. Time, anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours away. So the breathing with these pt's. are not labored, but shallow breather's, so thus my question before mentioned. I have only been doing this now for about 2 months and not have had the pleasure of dealing with a pt. with breathing difficulty, which would be easier to see the resp. rate and quality, which would tell me what interventions that are required to be done. Essentially, making sure that my reassessments are acurate throughout the transport. Cara
  3. Thanks for your replies, they have been helpful. Cara
  4. Hi everyone, What methods do you use to take resp. while transporting pt's. in an ambulance. I'm having difficultly assessing them while in-route to the hosp. It's too noisy for a steth. and a lot of times I can't see the pt's chest rise or fall. I have put my hand on their chest to feel for the rise and fall, but it still is pretty difficult. any technique that you can share would be great. Thank you for your time. Cara.
  5. Great little site. It only took about 30 minutes out of my life to go through......LOL
  6. Dust, I want to come play! Very funny thehuntressgoddess. NREMT-Basic, waiting for those darn test results. two days and counting. [-o<
  7. Thank you for your input, he pulled out of it yesterday, just to tell his mother, my sister that he is going to do it again...So I guess it is only a matter of time untill he gets the job done.....I can't even imagine what my sister is going through since I have no children...Two doctors did sign off, so he can get the help he needs. For some reason Im not too emotionally upset, just only for what my sister has to go through and her husband and his sister.... Maybe it is because Im so far removed from the situation. Anyway....Thanks for your knowledge. Cara
  8. I was wrong on the welbruton it was Wellbutrin, that he took. They live in Oregon, so I'm out of the loop as to what is going on. Thank you Ridryder 911 for your response... Cara
  9. Good day everyone, I tried going into the chat to get your opinion, but my computer crashed and I had to restore my system. My nephew tried commiting suicide, with 40 some triple X Caffeine pills, and the rest was welbruton making it some 70 pills in total. He is 19 years old, my sister said the doctors are worried about, what she said, " Grand Mal Seizures," but after some research I think it is Grand Mal Status epileptius. So my question is what do you think his outcome will be? By the time my sister found out what he had done, all the meds were absorbed into his system. From what my sister told me is that Welbruton is a time release med...Any knowlegde that you may have on this will be most helpful... Thank You, Cara
  10. What is your name? Cara When is your birthday? 03/05/66 Eye color? Blue Hair color? Reddish Brown What nationality(s) are you? German, Russian, Irish, Welch, Dutch, I would say that would make me 100% American Any piercings? lobes Any tatoos? Yes, right shoulder You have three wishes, what are they? To have the person I was truley in love with. A black Jeep (Wrangler) all decked out in Chrome, with an awesome sterio system. And that my animals would clean house when I was not home. What sound can you not stand? Someone whinning Special talents? Fishing What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Make Coffee What is the last song you sang? I stand alone "GodSmack" Do you play any instruments? Vocal Chords Do you know any random facts? It takes a 150 grain bullet to take down a nice Whitetail, and a 270 is a nice gun BE HONEST- Do you listen to show tunes? Heck No Do you want to go to college? No Whats the first thing you do when you get home from work? Put my key's on the counter, and take my shoes off. Is there anyone you are desperate to meet? No Do you dance around your house when nobodys home? Sometimes Favorite quote? Do what you will shall be the whole of the law Main source of exercise? Work Yay or Nay Diet Pepsi? Diet Coke Kids? None. Bread? Whole wheat, Low Carb Hair cuts? Growing it out Hiking? Love it Black and white photography? No, But love Photography Coffee? Every Morning. What C.D.s are in your sterio right now? What's a CD? Kenny Chesney Guilty pleasures? No Guilt about If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? WD Steak and Jumbo Shrimp Speak other languages? Just English Favorite song (as of right now)? Any Song by GodSmack will do Favorite flower? Angel Thrumpit Contacts, glasses, or neither? None Hometown? Bend Oregon Favorite Drink? Wild Turkey and Diet Coke Have you ever been in love? Yes, But it really sucks when you are in love with someone and they dont have the same feelings. Have you ever been skinny dipping? Hummmmmm Assertive or passive? Passive for the most part. Assertive when pissed off. Sing in the shower? Absolutely Any regrets? Only that I didn't get into EMS sooner in life Do you swear? Accidently Do you have any pet peeves? Whinning Favourite Ice cream flavor? Icecream sandwich's Member of the red light club? Ummm, I don't think so. Back to top
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