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  1. So we studied how use defibrillators today. After class I thought it was kinda funny that we're only given a lousy shaving razor to shave the patient before applying the pads. I mean, what if he's really really hairy and all you got in this lousy shaving razor? it's gonna take forever before you can apply the pads. Shouldn't every defibrillator include a more serious razor blade? Maybe cold wax strips?
  2. My first aid manual claims that for treatment of internal bleeding I should lay the patient and raise the legs or bend the knees. Is that because that way the circulation that way is slower and therefor let blood is injected by the ruptured vein/artery into the body?
  3. You're absolutely right. I just needed to help with the transport of the lady to the ambulance so I didn't have time to talk it out. I told myself to ask my partner later (though my partner wasn't the one who told me that), but I forgot so I thought to ask you But I definitely never accept what people say for gospel unless A) It makes sense and More than one source confirms it This is a great quote Also ashley-- thanks for your input. One thing the ambulance driver did that I forgot to ask him about is lower the patient legs from the stool. So in high-blood pressure you lower
  4. So I was allowed to go help on an ambulance today and there was this old lady with really high blood pressure (sys 230!) having difficulty breathing. A person on the scene said she has rapid pulse rate and high-blood pressure. I asked him how did he know she had a high-blood pressure before we came and he said "well she had rapid pulse rate so that comes together with high BP". I thought for a moment and nodded, but later I thought of it more and while it does make sense, I don't think it's NECESSARILY the case all the time. I mean, what if a person has diluted blood? In this case tachycardia
  5. I didn't know that! Yes, I agree. I even told it to my instructor and he said "it's a regulations issue, just wait for the ambulance and try to keep his neck in position." I'll keep that in mind. Do paramedics improvise a lot? Aha, I knew my scenario was possible somehow! Thanks And you're definitely right, I didn't plan the put his limbs first if he needs immediate life-care. You guys are terrific!
  6. Yes but in my scenario there was no neck collar, the reason is that I'm going with the basics stuff they provide first aiders with. They usually just lug around oxygen, suction and bandages. Phili's neck collars and backboards are an ambulance thing already. But good point to those who have those stuff. Speak of the devil, I thought that in the new CAB they've decided that those airway tubes are somewhat insignificant? We were told to give it a shot, but if one or two attempts don't go, to drop it and do without. Thanks, and how does someone get a stubbed toe at 3 a.m? That's w
  7. I suppose my mind can conjure up some pretty dreadful events. Is it just me or does everyone keep imagining car accidents, someone fainting, etc, in their mind while walking down the streets looking at the day to day event? That's how I came up with this scenario, and in this scenario, I wasn't 100% sure if I'd do the right thing! FireMedicChick your reply is great and makes a whole lot of sense to me, especially when mentioning nasal cannula. Would it be fair to say that using nasal cannula is recommended when the patient has lots of mouth secretions? What about using both nasal cannula
  8. Hi. Am a first aid student but we're a bit on a break and I got a question I'm quite curious about so I thought to register here and ask Let's say someone got into a car accident and now his mouth is brimming with blood. You suction all the blood out, but the blood appears to refill the mouth every time. What do you do in such a case presuming you have ambo, oxygen, suction and bandages to work with, and nothing else? I think the best idea is to keep suctioning him, put oxygen in, and when the blood starts filling the mouth you suction him, then oxygen again. And what if the person is
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