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  1. Thank you for your responses! The HCS is a portable EEG that is used to assess consciousness when head injury occurs. In a fast, 5-minute test, the HCS assesses five key indictors of neural processing: sensation, perception, attention, memory and language. If an individual is suspected of a head injury (concussion), the HCS can be used as a tool in the medical professionals "tool-belt". Unlike current head-injury protocol (ie Glasgow Coma Scale) - The HCS is an objective test that cannot be cheated by patients or misinterpreted by medical professionals. It can be used for initial diagnosis of injury, return-to-play decisions and quality-of-life decisions. Our primary markets include: - hospitals (ICU's, neurology wards and ERs) - sports industry - military For use in an ambulance, it would be beneficial in a situation where someone MAY have incurred a head injury. For example: a man is involved in a car accident. An ambulance arrives at the seen, but the man insists he is fine - when he actually has a concussion. As you probably know, concussion (or mild traumatic brain injury) often times lacks noticeable symptoms.
  2. Hello, I work for a medical device company called Mindful Scientific (http://mindfulscientific.ca/). We are investigating the different buying processes of our end users, including ambulances. In order to have our device in all ambulances, what steps would we need to take? Does it very by state/province? Who makes the purchasing decision? Any insight would be great! Thanks, Victoria
  3. Hello, I currently work for a company developing a diagnostic, point-of-care device that is capable of assessing consciousness using EEG technology. The devices measures neural processing on five key factors: sensation, perception, attention, memory and language. It is a quick, 5 minute test that relies on involuntary brain activity. It is easy to use and administer. Like the GCS, the device produces a score that is out of 15. As the GCS is extremely subjective, this device would provide an objective score - it would also circumvent many limitations of the GCS. The device is called the Halifax Consciousness Scanner (HCS). When considering potential markets, ambulances may benefit from this revolutionary device. I would like to know your thoughts and opinions. Would this be beneficial? Would this device be useful to you (EMTs/EMSs/first responders)? For more information, visit our website: www.mindfulscientific.ca Thanks so much, Victoria
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