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  1. Thanks for your replies. Sounds like I was quite "lucky" to witness this so early in my career! I don't know whether the patient lived or not, though he was (barely) alive by the time we rolled him into the ER; Last BP measurement was at 50/30something. He was pale and a bit cyanotic. Best part is he was still awake.
  2. I am asking how many suicidal stabbings like these you get where you work, yep. Sorry for the confusion. The membrane which surrounds the heart was ruptured which resulted in blood seeping in... Also thanks for the welcome.
  3. Heya, first post since my introduction. I'm not a particulary active poster as you can see... But here we go. Some time back I had a patient who rammed a knife into his chest cavity, lucky he missed his lungs as we saw no bubbles, but we later learned he managed to rupture a coronary artery (massive decrease in bloodpressure). He won the prize of a hemothorax + coronary thrombosis, woop. This particular scenario is quite rare where I live (1-5 times a year), but out of curiosity I was wondering how often you see/hear this happening in your area? People getting stabbed is one thing but t
  4. This made me laugh so I thought I'd share:
  5. Truth be told, looking at a few of the senior EMTs & paramedics I've met, I sometimes think 'Geez, take care of your own health!'.
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