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  1. It's just research. get a life dude
  2. yeah, they also should get someone to the hospital in a timely manner. Not waste time
  3. Parmedicmike please do not respond if you can't be helpful. I hate when people get off tast on the question. It's a long story like i said. If you're not helpful dont respond please. I was asking if it is ok to place these pants on a man and inflate them then deflate them in the field? Everything I've read says this is a big no. This happened in New York state. It resulted in death and a murder trial for the person that was attacked by this guy. Yes they were inflated by the BLS crew. When the Emt's arrived they screamed to remove the pants. They did not however put any of these details in their report that these pants where used. The only time it was mentioned was at trial by a police officer that arrived on the scene. The person was high on cocaine at the time also. I know this changes heart rate/ pulse ect. I'm trying to find out if the wound was life threatening, or was there change of recovery. The attorney for the accused said there was but he did not push this point about these pants. Thank you, you were. This happened in upstae New York. However the BLS crew/ EMT no one put it in there report. Someone was put in prison for murder. This was self defense and an injury that I believe was survivable. The only time it was put on record that these pants where used was when a police officer testified. The attorney for the accused never followed up on why this was not included in there report. he was also angrey the person that was attacked refused to accept a plea deal. The person has been in prison 18 years because of this. This young man should not have died that night.
  4. Can anyone help me? I'm researching a legal case. This is such a long story. Anyway my question is a 21 year old male in a bar fight was stabed in the chest. On arrival of a BLS crew the patient pulse was weak. The placed mast trauma pants on him. When the EMT arrived they screamed to remove these pants. All the research I've read said this is never to be done in the field. The patient crashed and died. The patient had attacked someone he was also on cocaine at the time. The person he attacked was defending himself. So my question, I mean you don't have all the details but is putting these pants on someone with a chest wound something any of you would do. Any help you can provide with be greatly apprechiated.
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