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  1. Sorry brace yourself, because I am going to pick on you for a moment.

    I have answered this question several times in the past and not only on this site. I have seen it on several sites.

    I have a simple question followed by a rant.

    Why do you feel it is easier to log in and ask this question of random people who have absolutely nothing to do with your hiring process instead of calling your prospective new employer and asking them yourself?

    Rant: I get so fustrated as I see this growing trend in our society and it is very irritating. No one picks up the phone anymore and does the leg work for themselves. If it were me and I were unsure of what they meant by a offer of employment, I would call HR not only to confirm what I didnt know but to also have an opportunity to speak with my new employer..even if it is only an HR person. This conversation may also enable you to come up with several more questions, PLUS you will also get the answers at that time as well.

    I have seen it on several sites, people asking what does this mean or what is the next step in the hriing process.

    When I apply for a job, I do my homework. I call the HR office, Operations, whoever I can get to talk to me. I even stop by in person which I believe shows tremedous effort on one's behalf. I ask all my questions and I know what I am getting into before I ever sign on. Employers appreciate this. It shows you are careful of who you work for and not just desperate for a job. It also shows you have intiative and are willing to work hard to invest in yourself and your career. This kind of research shows the employer you may be a good employee as well.

    Why are people becoming so damn lazy these days and why do they think someone else should do all the work for them?

    Rant over: Hope you dont take all of this too personally, most of it was in general...but you did ask the question which stoked my fire. Sorry if you got burned.

    I have and they could not answer my questions. Aparently this is a new way of hiring for A.M.R. and I guess I am their guennie pig!

  2. I applied for A.M.R. In Nothern California. Livermore no longer has an H.R. department it has been assigned to the counties they provide service in. I first made sure my paperwork was full proof everything was copied clean and all certifications were up to date. Took the written test at Livermore the last one they give I hear they do it at the county now. After my test they called me in for an interview. About three weeks later I got an offer of employment from Alameda County and schdeuled a Physical agility test. I have not done a skills test yet. My orentation starts February 20th! Hope this helps.

  3. I got Hired by A.M.R. Alameda California. Well I got an offer of employment. Does this mean they have already done the background check? Or is this just the results from the interview and written test?

  4. KSEMT122 I understand your frustration, but in reality wil this really cause a shortage? I am sure the nursing division heard the same complaints of diploma nurses vesus ADN, and even preferred BSN. In less than a year or two, no one will even notice it.

    Really, come to think of it is only about an additional semester, if one was really required to have an anatomy and physiology class. ...

    R/r 911

    Well I am trying to help Just passed the written test for A.M.R. I am an E.M.T. Now took basic Arrhythmia taking anatomy next semester. Come to california or Vegas. I hear they are training E.M.T's for free and guarentee employment.

  5. Okay - just had a pt who was very confused (new), slurred speech etc. Determined prob a bleed - anyways he presented with his right pupil deviated to the right - not the entire eye - just the pupil. The rest of the eye functioned properly and pupils were equal (right one no response though to light) and according to his wife his eye was not like that before.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever seen this or heard of this before - it's got me confused. :?

    I went to a seminar a couple of years ago where the optic lense was deviated 2-5 mm left or right up or down was a symptom for Marfan syndrom and Aortic Dissertion? Any cardiac History? www.marfan.org

  6. Hello all,

    Does anyone know how heavily my driving record is going to be weighed against me when I begin to apply at companys as an EMT-B? I currently have 6 points on my license which equate to 3 moving violations, however 2 of those points fall off this April.

    I appreciate any responses I get in advance.


    It is my experience that more than two points they won't touch you.

  7. Vague is not the word more like chicken S#*&! I just took my written national registry. So we will see! Does any one know how often we need to take the national registry to keep that current i can't find that answer on their web site?

  8. The pay around here runs approximately 7 dollars an hour for basics and in the 9-11 range for medics. Depending on the service, depends on what you make. The services which pay higher for basics (ie $9 or so) only let them work around 40 hours a week, some not even that much, only 36. You only have to work 32 to be considered full time in KY. However, most of the better paying places involve clinic work or as a tech somewhere. Few make that on the street. Industrial EMT's tend to do much better with their pay around the 9-10 range for basic, but then again, it is more of a clinical setting than true EMS. In my area, you are extremely fortunate to land a job with a 24/48 service which has benefits. Those jobs are in incredibly high demand for medics and very competitive for EMT's as there is little turnover with those places. There is frequent turnover in general with basics (we don't honor intermediates here) as the services which tend to hire basics are low paying and very poor or no benefits. The good services with hazardous duty retirement tend to be in the large run volume areas and are very difficult to get on with. Most of the time if they do hire basics it is with the requirement they are either currently in medic school, or willing to go within a year. However, almost all that I know of will pay for the class though provided you give them a year or two of service time (or pay out the remainder of your contract-which I have known some fire departments to do). Jobs with fire departments are a precious commodity. Very few and far between, especially for basics as we have excellent benefits for fire in my state. Also there is an abundance of basics in the state, but a serious lacking of medics, especially in the poorer counties. I work full time off the street in a clinic and part time on the street. I am content with what I make, but also remember, though our pay seems incredibly low, one must factor the cost of living here (short of big cities such as Louisville, Lexington, Florence, etc) is very cheap. I rent a small house which is relatively new, nice large yard, right outside of town for about $400 a month. All utilities paid. Not a bad deal at all. Anyone want to come here?

    Might be a good challenge I take the national registry next week i do not anticipate a problem with passing it.

  9. I glad ppl think OLDER ppl that are getting into the field is a good idea. I myself am new to EMS as some off you know. this is my second ( no wait, third ) career. I have been an EMT for 6 mths and am now in Medic school. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the first class and saw quite a few 30 somethings in the class. I'm still older than them, but compared to the Basic class it is refreshing to see older ppl wanting to join or further their EMS education.

    I can only speak for myself, but I am capable of the lifting and late hours required. I'm nocturnal by nature, I very much prefer the night shift. Going to the gym 3 times a week and playing golf twice a week ( yes, I walk ) help keep me in decent shape.

    Don't worry about this old guy, I wont' let you down! :lol:

    I have to admit you inspire me I was begining to think in my late 30s I was to old to become a paramedic Thank you!

  10. I will put a question out to all of you and please be harsh in your input. I am or will be 36 next Friday and I am currently going through E.M.T. B Certification. Am I to old for this profession I have fell in love with? Am I waisting my time? Thanks Lou!

  11. Provocation

    Associated Symptoms






    Severity of Distress

    I think it's basic enough stuff. I think it can be used for more than just breathing difficulty, but it was presented in class for that purpose. Dust, I think having a heads up on this stuff can before transporting would be good, in case condition worsens en-route. In some cases aggressive bagging (if needed / becomes needed) is more important than in others, for example.

    Actually this is what I was taught

    P. Progression

    A.Associated Chest Pain

    S.Speutum production






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