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  1. EMT DON, Do you work for the City of Pittsburgh?
  2. Sorry about not getting back soon enough as "Duty Called" (AND CALLED, AND CALLED AND CALLED) today. Anyhow it was a one time event but was very moving. Unfortunately, IMHO it should be in D.C. as there is a memorial for P.D. and for F.D. The Memorial has been held in Roanoke VA due to the theory that EMS was was started there by the First Aid Rescue Squad, The City of Pittsburgh EMS Honor Guard pretty much leads the event (Jack Glass) but the system is lead by a group of EMS Providers from across the country. I had the Opportunity to be a member of the countrywide Honor Guard last
  3. How many of you knew that the National EMS Memorial Service was held yesterday, in Colorado Springs and was available to view online? What is your view of it being held in Colorado Springs and not in D.C.? If you did see it, what do you think of the facilities? Have you ever participated?
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