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  1. :thumbsup:Firstly, thank you everyone for your replies.... Vehicles - 3 x Hino with tail lifters, 2 x Mercedes Sprinters (long) We are having a conference over here in Aus with all the states and NZ attending, to catch up with everyone and have a chat and see what we can come up with re gear and manual handling. Some of the gear we have makes it really easy to manouvre some really big patients. My Senior is okay with me putting these pics up, hope it gives you some more ideas. 1. Back of Mercedes 2. An ECMO loaded ready to go (if you want to look it up, google ECMO, it will exp
  2. I am a Paramedic in New South Wales, Australia. We currently have a "unit" that specifically deals with the transportation of Bariatric Patients, we have two day shift crews (2 people per truck) and we have on call facilities out of hours. We currently have 5 specialised vehicles in NSW alone, with multiple in other states. The largest patient in NSW we have come across so far is around 430kgs. (950lbs) Moving forward with our ideas to make things easier, we have an electric/hydraulic stretcher that takes up to 500kgs (1100lbs)our 2 newest vehicles have these. We have hovermats for manouver
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