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  1. Hi all: MY EMT-B program requires me to pass the Platinum Computer Adaptive Testing (www.emscat.com). I've taken it twice, and failed both times. The first time, I will admit, was the result of poor preparation. I just completed all the coursework, and quickly reviewed the book and took the exam. The second time is another story. I read the book cover to cover. I've completed all the questions in the end of each chapter, practiced, and did well on all the online quizzes on EMTB (www.emtb.com). I thought I knew the material well! Even after all the preparing, my scores on the Platinum CAT fo
  2. I looked on Michigan's site, and found this: MS Personnel Licensing Process There are three ways to become licensed in the State of Michigan: Apply by Exam (Those who completed a Michigan approved education course) Apply by Endorsement (Those that are currently licensed in another state at the same level of licensure they are applying for) Apply by National Registry Status Only (Those that are not licensed in another state, but are currently Nationally Registered) By the first bullet, does this mean I can take my certification from a Michigan approved education course, a
  3. I have completed the course at nearly the top of my class. I waited too long (over a year), and now the National Registry won't let me register for the exam unless I complete the coursework all over again. No, they won't allow me to take a refresher course. Thanks!
  4. I completed an EMT-Basic class in Michigan, but have not completed the National Registry. I currently do not have a license. I know there are a few non National Registry states. Is there any state that would allow me to obtain a license with just a copy of my certification that I've completed the course? Are there any non NR-EMT states that would allow me to obtain a license without having to take a state test? Thanks guys!
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