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  • Birthday 12/24/1974

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    Kent, WA
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    fishing, hiking, camping, sailing, gold prospecting, dinner, movie, shopping, volunteering, traveling, playing sports.

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    RNA, EMT, Supervisor, Crew Chief, Firefighter, ER Tech, Surgical Trauma PCT, MICU EMT

About Me

About Me

"Do you want to talk to the Paramedic in charge, or the EMT who know what's going on?"


Cycling, Fishing, Cooking, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, shooting pool, hiking, camping, traveling in Europe, snorkling, and listening to music or the Minitor V

Favorite Movies:

United 93, Ladder 49, World Trade Center, Backdraft, Brotherhood life in FDNY, America 911, 9/11, SWAT, Untraceable, Daylight, Firewall, The Brave One, Revalations, First Sunday, Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next,History Now: The 9/11 Commission

Favorite TV Shows:

CNN Tribute America Remembers, Emergency, Code Red, Rescue 77, Dukes of Hazard, Paramedics Life on the Street, Emergency Call, Emergency Onscene, Bravest, Rescue 911, Saved, ER, Third Watch, The China Syndrome, The House of Payne, Rescue Me, First In: Compton, and Mercy.

Favorite Music:

Gospel, R and B Slow jams, Southern Country, Blues, Reggaeton, and Regional Mexicano.

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