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  1. After I get my EMT-B can I go straight to medic school to get my associates degree? Or will I have to work as an EMT-B for a year first? After getting my associates degree what steps would I take to become a paramedic? Thanks for all the info guys!
  2. I just found out about this website and wanted to get input from people in this community. I have asked other people about this but have received mixed responses. I will try to contact the specific ambulance companies I wish to work for and try to find out what their rules are regarding my situation. This is a career that I want to pursue even if it means waiting until my driving record clears up. I figured getting my EMT-B license doesnt need to be put on hold so I enrolled in the class.
  3. Sorry I should have clarified what a "wet reckless" is. I got pulled over and had a BAC of .09. But instead of taking the case trial the DA offered a "wet reckless" instead of a DUI if I plead guilty. Its sort of a way to get guaranteed convictions in California without spending the money going to trial. It is a different violation code than a DUI and on my driving record it says "reckless driving" and a lisence suspension. The I still had to go through a DUI program (classes and counseling) but the probation period and fines are about of what you get if you get convicted of a DUI. If
  4. About a year ago I got a "Wet Reckless". It's not a DUI and on my driving record it's listed as a Reckless Driving Violation and a License Suspension. I know it was a REALLY stupid mistake and I'm thankful that I didn't hurt anyone by doing it. I went through classes, counseling and paid all of my fines. And it has been a wake up call for me. I'm in EMT class now and what I want to know is, what are my chances of getting hired as an EMT-B? Would I need to wait till this is no longer on my record before I have a chance at getting into this profession?
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